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Is it really effective? The death penalty is commonly defined as a punishment inflicted upon a criminal for a crime that they have committed.? To some, it is an inhumane way of solving the crime. In most cases there is usually a brutal, cruel, and inhumane treatment of a human victim in which the death of a victim is the result. To others it?s a way of making themselves feel safer by the killing of the criminals. But the only problem with that is it can never actually be determined what was done and who did it. The Death Penalty is also known as a type of capital punishment and is considered to be a major issue in today?s world. The death penalty is the cruel and harsh way to put hard criminals to justice. Instead of the luxury of being sent to jail, their lives are ended with different methods of death. Capital Punishment dates back to the Middle Ages. It began when citizens felt there needed to be a better way to punish those who committed crimes. In most cases, execution has resulted from convictions for murder.

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