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What Is Terrorism TerrorismBefore watching Battle of Algiers, my definitions of terrorism could be summarized as a strategic act of using violence, by an individual or a group, to gain attention of people very quickly and to basically get their point across.

These people choose the way of violence and arrogance directed against the peaceful people. The people who practice violence against the others to make an influence on government in order to reach their financial or political goals are called terrorists. Their actions are called terrorism. Now that I have seen part of this movie, I don?t think that terrorists only mean to cause harm to civilians, and to get attention. They act this way because of their strong believes about certain kinds of politics or religion. They are sure that their actions will bring a benefit to their country and will help to change the life people in a good way. They believe that they are fighting for right moral principles and although there were some innocent victims during the action, usually it is necessary to pay with blood for the better future. These so-called terrorists use terrorism because they cannot find another way to change the conditions terrorism, people, way, violence, terrorists, movie, group, civilians, because, against, actions, terrorist, succeeded, stop, seeing, right, political, minority, military, lives, innocent, history, government, good, find, change, called, attention, act, yet, world, watching, victims, very, using, unnecessary

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