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What Is Love What is love, why does it sometimes grow, and why does it sometimes die; these are questions often asked by humans today.

In the Psychology of Romantic Love, a book written by psychiatrist Nathaniel Branden, these questions are answered in full detail. There were many topics in this book that interested me. What romantic love is not, the need and the desire to be loved, self-esteem and love, sex as an expression of love, and finally the longing for permanence and inevitability are topics that I researched.

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I chose these topics because these are the topics that I can relate to the most. Do you really know what love is Most human being do not. There are, for example, men and women who characterize a strong sexual attraction for each other as love.

Somehow they have come to the conclusion that even though they have few interest and values in common. Incompatible personalities and temperaments is the only thing that these people share. ?They are not representative of romantic love, and it amounts to setting up a straw man to treat them as they were.? (Nathaniel Branden)To love a human being love, self-esteem, relationship, people, desire, romantic, one, need, experience, sometimes, book, being, person, out, must, healthy, change, because, about, women, topics, sexual, sex, relationships, permanence, partner, ourselves, men, know, feel, very, themselves, sense, reason, occur

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