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What is the mandate and vision of this project?  (asked)Can you give more details about financial sustainability for initial period during the setup? (asked)What are your plans regarding infrastructure required for the storage of goods? (asked – by team)Are you planning to hire local help for technology and human resources or you will accomodate people from here? (asked – by team)How will you cope with hurdles during harsh climatic conditions and solutions? (asked – by team)How effectively can goods be supplied to many small communities, considering the road conditions in North? (asked – by team)What are your expectations on revenue generation and share value? (asked by team)Do you think you will invest in promotional activities at the start? (new)Is the idea of transporting people thoughtful with respect to safety and climatic conditions? (new)How do you plan to take it for further expansion and collaboration?(asked) As understood to the best of our knowledge, the idea behind this initiative is to deliver the goods to the remote communities of North region using the Airship at a reasonable cost to the people.For start,we can build a warehouse or dispatch facility to collect and drop goods at a place with better connectivity, human resources and ease of operations. For instance, we can start with Northern cities of Alberta or Manitoba provinces and extend the facility further to NorthWest Territories and Nunavut over time. To adhere better relationship with local community, it is recommended to employ the locals; suggestively, for door-to-door delivery service.During harsh climatic conditions, it would not be possible to regulate the delivery and supply of goods at right time.

So it would be convenient to prioritize the non-perishable goods over perishable.We can use existing technology to take order, dispatch and deliver the goods for easier tracking of operations. There is a possibility of supplying the goods directly to the small local communities by Drop & Go.There would be a regular revenue generation from supply of goods to the remote people. Apart from that, the special revenue can be generated by taking shipment orders from corporate companies, mining industries and Government at Higher Margin. Air Surveillance can also be an effective revenue generation stream.In Spite of  better use of materials and management, it is noted that there are various risks involved, including loss of goods, lives and airships as well. There has to be a risk insurance in place for all operations and goods.

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After the first successful fiscal year, there should be complete analysis on the service performance, and accordingly, we can systematically utilise the resources.The future collaborations can be considered in place, if some organisation is interested in the same ethical-social norms.

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