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  What is perspective? We can simply say that perspective is a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view. Nevertheless, the real question is what is perspective in literature? while reading a literary piece, readers can appreciate events and feelings about the characters through their own point of view, this is called “perspective.” A perspective is a literary tool, which works as a door into the characters happenings. In the following essay we can appreciate the contrast in the perspective of two different stories regarding the same topic: elders. The two stories that we are going to be comparing are: The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe and The Old Grandfather And His Little Grandson retold by Leo Tolstoy.   The main difference between the two stories is the way they apprehend older people. In The Tell-Tale Heart the author shows detestation and disgust towards the old man  in a way that even leads the protagonist to kill him, on the other hand The Grandfather And His Little Grandson starts by showing disrespect and negligible regarding the grandfather but ends up teaching us a lesson on the way older people should be treated.   A difference that stands out in the comparison between the stories is that The Tell-Tale Heart is told in first person by the murderer, who uses a very complicated language with very peculiar words, on the contrary The Grandfather And His Little Grandson is told by an omniscient narrator that uses simple vocabulary and is very precise and clear. Another Another difference that stands out is basically the genre of the story, in the Grandfather And His Little Grandson we can appreciate a narrative short story in which the events are told in a simple and direct way. Differently, The Tell-Tale Heart is a suspense and terror story that describes in an extensive and very describeful way.   A similarity between the two stories is that in both cases the older people do not take a big part on the events, the authors only describe them to understand the actions and consequences of the main characters. We can also emphasize on the ending of both stories, in The Tell-Tale Heart, the “madman” never really accepts he did something wrong and in the other story the two grown ups are taught by the little grandson that their attitude was wrong and they understood this and started having a better character towards the grandfather.   As we can see, both stories are told and interpreted in different ways. After reading the two narratives we can clearly see that there are a lot more differences than similarities between them. Not just in the content but also in the way they are written. If we study and understand the analyses of both stories we can get a clearer view on that the intentions and references of both authors. The two stories are very particular in their own way and I personally highly recommend reading both of them.

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