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You know the word “friendship” in English means what? In each of these letters contain meaning to create a beautiful friendship. Let’s discover! “F”Fun: Is that so much of fun and friends will bring you in this life. “R”Respect: Always respect each friendships.

First on mutual respect and understanding that you respect their jhi also the respect you are yourself. “I”Interest: What happiness if you are interested friends. Inquire cordial words, the lines short mail, full of the letters or just a phone call alone is enough to make a friendship …

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Whether you both stay away from each other. Because both know they’re thinking about each other. ”E”Eagerness: Warm, willing to help each other no matter what circumstances in life. What a good life instead! “N”Nicethings: Are all the good things we do for each other. Because there is such a new friendship can survive. “D”Dependability: Reliability, trust in creating a sustainable friendship. Because friendship is no room for doubt where.

“S”Share: Of course there is a shared joy and sadness in life. Only by sharing new red thread is tied up this relationship. H”Honest: The truth you need to do.

There are honest with each other, understand each other, understanding each other is another new friend, okay. “I”Important: No one wants you lonely, you just watch j fin who your friends are an important part of life. “P”Present: Each of you is a gift that life has given you. So why hesitate any longer, but not open heart to receive the gift! There are countless wonderful things and wonderful friendship that brings us. “True friendship is beautiful, nothing great can define, describe, let us know how to respect and preserve the love sisters!…

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