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What Do Children Owe Their Parents

There is a question that I have been thinking of: ?Do I owe something to my mom and dad? ? Who knows? Sometimes we might think that we owe them a lot, but then other times we might think ?Why should I do something for them I have my own life. I have lots of to do without taking care of my folks?. But then again, how can I leave them in trouble when they are the same bloods I look like them and most importantly I love them.
It depends on the relationship between parents and kids when deciding if we owe them something or not. Children who felt loved, had lots of attention from a mother and father growing up will try to treat them the same way, instinctively paying back good for good. In families without strong connections, kids will very simply forget about their parent?s existence. They may believe that no one asked their parents to have them. No one asked them if they wanted to be born they had no choice. Two adults wanted to have kids and they had them. It was their choice to be responsible and raise the next generation. Then if look

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