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What Characteristics Do Men And Women Desire In Romantic Partners Running Head: PARTNER PREFERENCEAbstractThis study was conducted to compare male and female desired preferences for partners in short term and long term relationships. We obtained a sample of 400 young adults, 234 women and 166 men. Likert Scales were distributed to college students in order to assess three major categories: personal traits, physical traits, and status traits. Our results corresponded to our hypothesis and past research. Results indicated that traits, such as personality, sense of humor, trustworthy, and fun, rank high when both men and women are looking for a romantic relationship.

As expected, males did tend to lean towards physical attributes more, such as smile. Both men and women considered religion and the car they drive to be of least importance. IntroductionHow hard can it be to find Prince Charming, that one person who is everything you ever dreamed of But, the question that really stands is what is it that you are looking for There are many stereotypes between the genders concerning the selection of romantic partners. Traditionally, men are expected to place high emphasis on external attributes, such as physical appearance. Conversely, ambition, social status, and internal attributes are known to be more important to women.

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