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What challenges has urban growth in the LEWD created and how are those being addressed? “The city is not a concrete Jungle. It’s a human zoo. Despond Morris ” Cairo Cairo the capital of Egypt is one of the world’s largest urban areas.

Cairo is an amazing city full of life and movement, and it is that way almost 24 hours every day. Like every megabits, Cairo has its own problems. The high rate of crime, a noisy and busy traffic. All external factors afford to the Cairo challenges. The urban growth expands very fast in last 10 as a result, many countries have urban primacy.The big ND the main problem of Cairo is the overcrowding. There is no space in to live in the city. For Egypt and Cairo one cause of the rapid increase in population has been the low mortality rate combined with a higher birth rate.

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In average a low death rate, which meaner that people are having more children and die slowly. This has contributed to the population increase as well. The death is a very important element of the urban regeneration. If the people die faster then the young ones move there and the city is moving, changing The Cairo recycling system is very developed. Why it is so efficient and who benefits room it?All the rubbish from the city is collected and deposited out of the it. After this, the Squeezable or People of the Rubbish collect it and choose after this they recycle it. This system is remarkably efficient because all of work is done manually. These people are vital to the day-to-day running of the city.

Many other industries depend from Squeezable work. Iron, plastic, glace and others appreciate their work. However for us it sounds strange like to collect the rubbish but for them it is a normal thing, even they are respected in the society because they provide a valuable arrive.The growth of Cairo has had effect on the squeezable in that the city growth causes more people to seek work as squeezable, being a low quality Job many people must come from outside the city, that contributing to urban growth. Squeezable also have a direct influence in air quality, collecting the rubbish, they recycle it, but if it is not collected it will be burned, this issue affects a lot air already polluted of Cairo.

Through the Squeezable activity Cairo successfully, fight with the challenge of the big amount of city garbage. Also, keep a part of population with an occupation.The city dramatically expanded in the green part of the desert. The businessmen built the big flats in the green zone in a search for bigger income. The green zone is more appreciated than the dessert. Even a local man affirms that the old people said to not build in the oasis, the people have to enjoy it. Another illegality with the housing is that against the law the people build houses higher than six floors. Security is ignored.

The bribery is a big challenge for Cairo. However, the problem the problem is proficient. Expand the city into the dessert.They attract the people there by roving the good conditions of life: water electricity, water and gas. Some people are attracted there because they can escape from the noisy and polluted city. Some of them don’t like this solution because it is too far from the city, but authorities encourage the people to live there by building the metro. The square settlement is a good solution to encourage the people to live outside the city, having good conditions, they invest in that area.

I think that Cairo authorities have to invest more and more in suburban areas.Building schools, providing all needs the problem of agglomeration in city will be solved. It is great the thing that in suburban areas kids are involved in recycling work.

Being a megabits the problems faced to Cairo can be solved efficiently if the authorities invest more. Expanding the city in the dessert solves housing challenge. Although change is slow to happen, there is a recognized need on the part of the Egyptian government and other agencies to improve the quality of life in the city, and real changes are starting to take place.Iambi: Iambi, formerly Bombay, is the capital of the India and its financial capital. With an estimated population of thirteen million, it is the most populous city in India and the most populous city in the world. It represents 6% of Indian’s land. The main problem face Iambi is the same as Cairn’s: overcrowding.

The city cannot offer enough space for everybody to live. As result the people live in slums. They built own houses, small ones, officially this houses doesn’t exist . Few space, narrow paths. Birth rate being high and death one is low surely they have large families.

No space to live in it and the housing is a major problem in Iambi. Apartments are the only form of accommodation available and these are extremely expensive due to the high demand. The government try to intervene and solve this problem by building flats. A method, which sowed us in different parts of the world, that is not efficient. Also by demolishing the slum area they plan to build expensive leisure facilities. The question is why. The people in average have a low income so they won’t be able to use them. Another solution was to build houses for slumbers far away from the city, again no one wants to go there.

Because in them are not provided much water, the hygiene conditions are critical. There the have Just one toilet for four hundred people. This problem is very dangerous because in condition of low hygiene conditions many illnesses are spread out. The absence of policy and institutional capacity to deal with these issues has been one of the key challenges of urban development in Iambi. These factors have prevented much-needed improvements being made to the city infrastructure in the past. The economical miracle of India is on the rails.The train are very common type of transport. So the authorities try to invest in them.

Even now they are too busy and a very low quality. Wanting to improve train quality, a project was done which includes the resettlement of about 10,000 households encroaching along railway tracks, the project already enabled important improvements in the rail system, resulting in major benefits for the city by reducing the travel time of hundreds of thousands of rail passengers. The project affects he slums area and it is very difficult to replace the people that live there.It is improving on the other hand brings unhappiness from people side. More recently, new challenges have emerged. These include managing post- resettlement issues e. G.

He provision of utilities and services to new people which moved there, providing them access to transportation, managing the cooperative societies. Beside the problem in the slums, the people have a hope. They are friendly to each other.

The psychology is very important when is a little seed of hope then the people are less exposed to drugs and violence.If the hope exists they believe in changing. We have a good example of the Indian slums unity. Women of the slums organism a like a little cooperative, they collect money and give to them to people of their community which need them at the moment. Strongly I can affirm that even if the situation is hard, the idea of altruism didn’t disappear. Continuing to develop city the government has to listen and the people’s voice. This will make the plan to work efficiently.

ROI De Jeanine: ROI De Jeanine is the second largest city of Brazil, behind SГ¤o Paulo.The city is capital of the state of ROI De Jeanine. It was the capital of Brazil for almost two centuries. Looking at the statistics we can see how dramatically population growth changes. It happened into a short period of time. And the city again couldn’t offer to all locators enough space. Many people live in areas that expanded around the city or suburbs. Usually low quality areas.

Better conditions but many of them exist illegally. Managing and refresh those areas is a really big challenge for local and national authorities.In terms of social point of view is a big challenge there are enormous disparities between rich and poor in ROI De Jeanine. Bad public education, a poor health system combined low quality lifestyle lead to the overall poverty of the velars. This social contrast creates a clash between rich and poor. Crime is a very difficult challenge for the ROI De Jeanine. The 2007 statistics shows that there are 30 crimes per week, in poor areas dominated by drug lords, primarily in velars.

This problem is hard to solve because the authorities don’t invest enough in police.Compounding the problem of crime is impunity. Iris’s police solve only 3 percent of the murders.

The transport is another challenge present in every big city. ROI De Jeanine is not an exception. Lots of people, lots of cars. Traffic Jams are unavoidable.

So that’s why it was improved and the city is served by a number of expressways though traffic Jams are very common. The authorities do progress at this problem, Iris’s transportation logic has been moving towards trains and subway in order to reduce traffic Jams and increase capacity.However the deprived zone began to change in positive way. Less crime, less drugs and in streets is cleaner. It is important that at the change contributed the young generation.

Through the art it was possible to attract lots of kids and teenagers. E. G. A popular band, which is popular, began to teach the people to dance. That band lived encouraging when somebody implicate himself in transformation. It helps a lot because area image is getting better and the concept that the in the suburbs live Just bad people.

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