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What a University Education Offers

What A University Education Offers.
A university education is an education that offers a student many courses to learn and it is an education that prepares a student to face the challenges out in the world today. It teaches a student values that he or she can use in everyday life. I agree with John Henry Newman, who is the author of ?The Idea of a University?, with what he wrote about a university education is true. Jon Spayde, who wrote ?Learning in the Key of Life?, I agree with him also.
In the essay ?The Idea of a University?, the author expresses his feelings on the importance of a university education. ?It is a great point then to enlarge the range of studies which a University professes, even for the sake of the students?? (Newman 47). This illustrates that while a student is studying at a university, he or she can study whatever they wish. If the student does not like what he/she is studying, he/she can change their major. This also shows that a student is not trapped in studying something that they do not like.
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