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Western Influence is Eroding Tradition Chinese Value As China?s entry into the WTO since 2001, it seems gradually obvious that the concussion, the collision, the combination and development between Chinese traditional value and the importing western cultural value has become nationwide recognized. Confronted with the enormously coming western culture and product nowadays, my point is that, we Chinese are having a kind of attitude that combined with partially acceptance, partially refusal and partially development.Firstly, we are NOT taking the ?whole-refusing? conception. China is an ancient country with a history of more than 5000 years. Because of some historical and geographical reason, as well as the long-standing fabulous substantial and spiritual property, China has a Confucian traditional cultural value system, based on the concept of the ?Great Union?, which has down from dynasty to dynasty, from generation to generation for thousands of years. This kind of typical Confucian value has been largely vanished into by the end of Chinese emperor era, nevertheless, it?s still deeply rooted in our ideology and moral value system nowadays, in some extent, has a profound influence via the course of our accepting to the western culture.

Hence, and secondly, we are enduring the erosion of the western cultural impact irresistibly. My point is that, western, cultural, value, culture, country, china, accepting, years, world, while, via, partially, impact, development, collision, chinese, traditional, take, system, refusal, process, positive, point, nowadays, long-standing, kind, invade, influence, great, generation, erosion, enormously, enduring, dynasty, confucian

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