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Welfare System Our society has many factors that would be responsible for this system of social inequality. For example, gender, race, religion, family background and social status determine how successful one may be. The government should provide a Welfare System to help the poor. The objective of the welfare system is move people from depending on the government to supporting themselves. Advantages of the government providing the poor with a welfare system include political, social and economically. The people within the Democratic Party are liberal people that support the welfare system. By supporting the welfare system the Democratic will receive more votes in an election.

Since the Democratic Party is trying to get be the majority party in the government, supporting the welfare system would be a political advantage. Without a welfare system there would be more homeless people creating less voters. Without some type of low end balance it could start to change to a monopoly or dictatorship b/c as you get poor you have no way out what so ever, so only the rich would survive once a person hits bottom level. Given that a welfare system will help society as a whole by taking more people off the street.

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