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Weed Paper As an incoming college freshman, I knew that my lifestyle would undergo a lot of changes.

I had some expectations of college life, but overall I tried to keep my mind open. I knew that I would be meeting a lot of new people that were very different from me and from people I was used to hanging out with. I figured that by going into college with a positive attitude, I would get to meet many interesting people.

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That was half of the reason I decided to attend school 1500 miles away from home. When I first came to USF, I knew that my social life would be very limited. I did not know a soul in Florida and I would have to meet everyone on my own. After the first few days I was learning a lot of peoples names and started to get to know them. As I became better and better friends with them, I started to understand what each person liked to do in their spare time. Although many of us have different pasts and take an interest in different things, there was one thing that we all liked to do, and that was to smoke, people, smokers, smoking, marijuana, pot, day, school, week, times, high, habitual, out, once, often, lot, life, least, feel, daily, college, about, weed, very, time, three, ten, students, started, smoker, research, percent, one, friends, four, during

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