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Website Hacking:Websites became a majorpart of our life for various purposes. But its very alarming that, websites maybe hacked by hackers. Website hackinghas become a great threat for businessesdeveloping an online presence.9Hackers are stealing secret data ,information, taking control ,even shutting down any website.

10 The popularity of Web site hacking is mystifying.9 Actually, Hacking  of a Web site can affect the credibility andreputation of the organization.9 But among many types of cyber crimes , Whydo hackers give effort to deface a Web site?9 There are some reasons behindthis.   Hackers can hack websites in many ways such as: 10 1.DDOs Attack(Distributed Denial of ServiceAttack2.

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Remote codeexecution attacks3.Cross site request forgery attacks:.4.

Symlinking-An insider attack:5.DNS Cache Poisoning6.ClickJacking Attacks( UIRedress Attack7.Brocken Authentication and session management attacks8.XSS attack9.

Injection Attack Some effective techniques for prevent website hacking are given bellow:  1.Keep software up to date regularly.112.Toughen up  access control.9 3. Ensure OS level protection9 4.

Use  HTTP attack protection9 5. Use Web server resources protection 96. Usestandard Transact SQL.117.

Give strongpasswords118. Use HTTPS protocol to provide security over theInternet.119. Use Websitesecurity tools such as Netsparker, OpenVAS,, Xenotix XSS, Exploit Framework  etc.1110.

Tighten network security.311. Hide admin pages.312.keep  Limit fileuploads.313. Use SSL.314.

keep Back-up frequently.315. Use Serverside validation11Conclusion: We can not think our daily lifewithout computer as well as internet. The advantages of internet and computercan not be described in one word. But they have also some demerits as likecyber crimes. Its also became a part of our life.

Criminals and victims bothare the part of our society. Now, the rate of various types of cyber crimesincreases rapidly. It must be reduced by keeping proper steps that’s arealready discussed in this paper for keeping safe our personal and private dataand information ,ensure the security of all types of websites and makingour  society clean & peaceful.  

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