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Individual Assignment: Website Design Week 4 Website Content Plan Antonio Gonzales WEB/236 – Web Design I University of Phoenix Due: 04-18-11 Instructor: James Nilson TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page1 Table of Contents2 Week 2 Website Purpose and Architecture Plan3-6 Week 3 Website Navigation and Development Plan6-11 Week 4 Website Content Plan11 References15 Website Purpose and Architecture Plan The website that will be evaluated, proposed, and eventually reconstructed will be for southwest artist Antonio Gonzales who offers unique original southwest oil paintings, prints, and limited edition numbered giclee prints for sale.This site will represent the artist’s oil paintings which he develops and paints out of his Santa Fe, New Mexico art studio. The website will help sell additional works of art to clients throughout the world who wish to conveniently shop Antonio’s online studio from the convenience of their own homes or businesses. One of the immediate goals of the website will be to help introduce Antonio’s art work to new clients and art collectors who may not have heard of his art work outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.One long term goal is to increase sales throughout the year and to give clients a look at new art work as soon as the artist has completed new paintings. This way clients can view fresh new art pieces from his online studio instead of having to wait for the artist to display his art work in studios across the southwest. The second long term goal is to increase sales globally and help bring his art work to new clients and art collectors throughout the world. Site purposeThe purpose of this website is for proposed sales and return customers who will spread the word about your site.

Online shopping allowing for individuals to visit and buy from all parts of the globe without having to travel to Santa Fe to purchase art work or merchandise with immediate transactions. If something is purchased online it can be delivered to that client that same day and depending on whether they want the merchandise overnighted or delivered within five to 10 business days, it is up to the purchaser to decide giving them choices.The site purpose should also provide information about the artist, contact information about the artist, information where his artwork is being displayed, and personal information the artist wishes to share with the public. Target audience The primary target audience will be art collectors and current clients of the artist and individuals, who know the artist but have not purchased any of his artwork up till now, however have shown a great interest in the artist’s work.

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Another targeted audience will be gallery owners who may one day show the artists work in local or out of state galleries.Content needs One of the important content needs is to make available every original piece of artwork that the artist has available to his clients. Another important content need is to have available to his online shoppers fast loading images of his art work. The website should also be an elegantly designed representation of the artist’s vision which he displays through his original oil paintings. The website should also be easy to navigate through and must be able to be viewed consistently with different operating systems and browsers and should not depend on high-speed internet connections.The website will be designed and maintained by the artist but should be written and coded in an orderly manner so that another web designer could maintain and update the site by the artists instructions. The website will not have features that will require specialized or specific programming that might make the site slow to load, or increasing the complexity of the website. The website should be functional and also reflect the artist’s strict demand to quality and precision.

The website should also have updated information and art work available to the artist’s clients and he content of the website should be accessible to everyone. The website should also be found by individuals who search for the artist’s name whether they search for Antonio Gonzales, or simply Antonio or Gonzales, or by someone simply searching for but not limited to southwest art. The website will also incorporate the artist’s name in the URL allowing for name recognition to be associated with the website.

Antonio Gonzales has exclusive rights to all images and text on the website and all images are copyright © Antonio Gonzales and cannot be reproduced without written consent from the artist.Site architecture The page content will have original oil paintings from Antonio Gonzales, Santa Fe, NM artist. All file names will be reflective to the page being viewed. For instance, the home page will be antoniogonzales. com. Site Architecture Diagram For Antonio Gonzales Online Website Antonio Gonzales online studio Home Page If you are viewing “current art available” the page will be titled: antoniogonzales. com/current art available.

All pages will have the same relationships with common links to home, current art, prints and giclee prints, contact information, and eventually a shopping cart.All images should have an alt tag with the title of the art work being viewed. Website Navigation and Development Plan Navigation Best Practices All pages should include standard navigation information of all links and this should be clearly displayed on every page. Each page should have a link back to the home page or main page of the web site.

Every page should have the same links to other pages and the navigation to these pages should be located at the same position on every page. Keep the navigation structure consistent and uniform on all pages.Each page should have contextual indication of where the user where they are in relation to the home page or main page. For example, if a user is on the home page, there should be contextual information indicating they are on the home page. Each page should have navigation links so that users do not have to use the back button. Every link should indicate where the user is expected to go. Avoid vague language and use clear precise verbiage so that users are clear on where the link will take them. Avoid links that open new windows since this has a tendency to confuse some users.

When new windows are opened, the link is broken to the previous page and the history navigation. Careful consideration should be used for designing links that open new windows. Web developers should also avoid image navigation buttons with text in the graphic.

There are some users that might have difficulty reading the text and the information may not be accessible to some users. Web designers should avoid “Mystery Meat Navigation” where the user has to guess where the link will take them because the designer chose to use navigation images that are ambiguous and unclear.When it is necessity for the web designer to use images for navigation, the designer should provide contextual information using the “alt” tags and provide captions to the menu images used. Accessibility should be important to all users including those with visual difficulties or users that cannot use a pointing device such as a mouse. Web developers should give users the opportunity to use keyboard shortcuts when ever possible. Effective Site Navigation As an artist I view many art sites, online art magazines, and computer generated art.

Not all websites have effective site navigation.One site that does display effective site navigation is the website Deviant Art (http://www. deviantart.

com/). Deviant Art is an online social network for artists and art enthusiasts with over 13 million registered members. Deviant Art is a platform that allows emerging artists to exhibit, promote, and share their works. On this website all pages have the basic site navigation and when you link to another site the navigation indicates where you are on the current page. The links are also narrative and has a clear meaning of where you are. The links are text links and each link goes somewhere specific.In the images below the home page will be displayed. I will link under Category, Digital Art, then link to 3-Dimensional Art.

When the user navigates to the desired page the navigation links located on the left of the page, will clearly highlight where you are on the site. Below is several images from Deviant Art: Home page: [pic] Category/Digital Art: [pic] Category/Digital Art/3-Dimensional Art: [pic] More detailed image of the navigation bar for “Category/Digital Art/3-Dimensional Art:” [pic] Web Development Tools Web developers should have access to several helpful web development tools.The primary tool each web developer should have access to is a text editor. Some HTML editors come with formatting tools that make it convenient for developers to code and read HTML. There are many HTML and CSS tutorials available to web developers for easy and quick guides to follow. These tutorials range from beginner tutorials to advanced tutorials for users with more experience. Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 is also a recommended web development tool.

Dreamweaver is a tool used for standard-based website designs. Dreamweaver has a powerful CSS tool and has several templates users can chose from for quick and accurate web design.Web developers should also have an image editor such as Photoshop CS5 from Adobe.

Web developers can create powerful images that can be optimized for fast download. If there is a need for animated images the web developer should also have Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Flash. Some websites are completely built with Macromedia Flash. Web developers should have several browsers available like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Opera. When developing web sites, it is always beneficial to view web pages in different browsers.Also an HTML validator will also help web designers see which pages validate. Website Content Plan Media Formats and Plug-ins The website will contain images, texts, and videos. Because there will be a assortment of container formats used in the pages throughout the website, users will have to be able to download each data stream.

Because certain formats are generally used by only one exclusive player such as QuickTime, considerations on content type will have to be determined. Standard formatted information should be used so that users will only have to download one or two different players.For videos and audio clips the Windows Media format of mp3 and mp4 and QuickTime will be used. In some cases there will be flash files therefore Macromedia Flash player will also have to be downloaded. Knowing that there is not one popular formatted container that will fit everyone’s needs, the website will provide at several options for Mac and PC users. Because flash based videos are easily played on popular web sites such as Google Videos and YouTube, a flash plugin will have to be installed in some browsers viewing this website.These three formats, Windows Media, QuickTime, and Flash will give users alternatives for playing videos on their computers and browsers. Keeping many different formatted types available for users to view videos will help broaden the viewing audience.

When using multimedia on these web pages it will be designed into the web pages text so that users who cannot view or hear media can understand what the meaning of the video represents. How Graphics Will Be Used Graphics will play an important part of the website. I will use images throughout the website displaying the artwork available for purchase.Images will be displayed throughout the website in a manner that will show the users enough detail of the art work that they can make a decision on whether to purchase the art work and in which format they will be purchasing. Because images will play an important part of the web site, images will have to be optimized for download time. Another feature is to only allow a certain amount of images per page. This will also shorten download times for pages with graphics.

Small thumbnails will be used on the web pages so that download time will not become problematic.Larger images will be available to users who wish to see a more detailed account of the art work. Larger images can be linked from the smaller thumbnail images and will be opened in another window. Content Description Content description in the web page and in the source code is an important and critical part of website development. A descriptive tag for images and web pages will help associate the descriptive information with what a user is searching for within search engines.

Meta tags will also be used to help crawler-based search engines to gain top rankings for this website.Meta tags contain information in the “head” of the web code. The information inserted into the head of the web code is not seen by viewers but is used to communicate with the search engines. Descriptions used in meta tags will help to influence the web search engines to find your pages. In the 2011 web article by EzineArticles. com they state that “Meta description content is a fleeting opportunity to sell a Web site page in the same way that an outdoor billboard has just a moment to sell a product or service.A great title and great meta description together increase the odds of a click, and many clicks lead to higher search engine rankings.

” The meta tags that will be used in this web page source will be as follows: Acquired Content and Copyright Restrictions All content on this site will be acquired by the artist Antonio Gonzales himself. All content on this site, including images, texts, videos, etc. , are copyright © Antonio Gonzales. Because Antonio Gonzales owns the copyrights to all material special permission to use any images, text, and videos is not required.All art work, text, and videos are original works of art by the artist.

According to the article from eHow (http://www. ehow. com/how_6144235_copyright-material.

html), “A copyright is automatically granted to you when you create work and it is in a tangible form. ” The images will be provided by the artist along with all videos or sound clips. The artist will provide all copyrighted material from his collection of photos and videos. The artist will provide on the web pages contact information for anyone who wishes to use his copyrighted material.The artist will state on all web pages that the content of this site, including all images, text, and videos are copyright © Antonio Gonzales and may not be reproduced in any form without permission from the artist. Usability and Accessibility Everyone with vision problems and other disabilities should have access to the web.

Not only should they have access to the web, the web pages they view should be useable as well. Everyone seeking information or services on the web should have the ability to seek such services and information and make use of it. The more users your website has the more potential profit you can make.Denying people with disabilities access to your website can mean potential loss of profit. In the online article from Freedom Scientific it states that “It is in everyone’s best interest to create Web pages and other documents that are both accessible and easy to use. The easier a Web page or document is to use the more often customers will come back to your site. The faster someone can get their job done the better for everyone, whether that is doing research on the Web, filling out forms, or working on the job and getting every day tasks done. ” (http://www.

freedomscientific. com/Training/accessibility. asp).User friendly colors and font styles will also be used.

People with disabilities and many with color blindness have trouble viewing some web pages. In come cultures color can be calming or forbidden and can have different meaning. Some font styles may be pleasing or amusing to the designer, but may be difficult for the users to read especially when there is a large amount of text displayed on one page. Text styles should be used that provide users the ability to change fonts from their browsers or other viewing tools. The use of animated texts will be avoided because movement can be a distraction to some users.

References Antonio Gonzales Studio and antoniogonzales. com online studio (2011). www. antoniogonzales. com Deviant Art, ©2011 deviantART. All rights reserved http://browse. deviantart. com/digitalart/3d/ How to Copyright Material, By an eHow Contributor, May 05, 2010 http://www.

ehow. com/how_6144235_copyright-material. html Freedom Scientific, © 2011 Freedom Scientific, Inc. http://www. freedomscientific.

com/Training/accessibility. asp Ezine Articles, Meta Description Content is a Sales Pitch For Web Pages, (2011) © EzineArticles. com, Article Source: http://EzineArticles. com/3283622 http://ezinearticles.

com/?Meta-Description-Content-is-a-Sales-Pitch-For-Web-Pages=3283622 Accessibility, Barriers, Assistive Technologies, & Alternative Access Strategies, http://www. at. ufl. edu/_archive/accessibility_cd/index. html ———————– This will be the “Home” page with some information about the artist and links to current works or art, prints, and giclee prints available. This page will be the “index” for www.

antoniogonzales. com, with links to current original art, prints and giclee, and contact info. Current Original Art Prints and Giclee Contact Information Home Current Art Contact Home Current Art Contact Home Current Art Contact

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