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We can’t imagine our life without books. They play a very important part in our life. Books educate people in different spheres of life. They develop our imagination, make us think and analyze. They make our life more interesting. Different people read different books. It depends on one’s taste and character.As for me, reading is one of my hobby and that’s why I try to use every spare minute to read. I like different kind of literature. I like Kyrgyz, Russian and foreign classic and modern literature. I usually read different books: books about famous people, love stories, detective stories or historical novels.Usually I borrow books from the library, but I have a lot of them at home, too. It is interesting to read different kind of books. Books teach us to live. We learn many things by reading books. There are different kinds of books: novels, short stories, tales, fairy-tales, fables, poems, plays and text books. They can be interesting, thrilling, exciting, useful, true-to-life, amusing.As I am an English teacher if I want my students to speak English well, first of all I need good English text books with illustrations, short stories, fairy-tales, poems and a good dictionary. Dictionaries usually give us information on spelling, pronunciation and meaning. As soon as a learner has a confidence to read simple English sentences, he can use a monolingual dictionary. We have a good information center with a lot of English text books with illustrations, fairy tales, and dictionaries in our school, where I can take and use them at my English lessons.In conclusion I can say that as I am already mentioned one of my hobbies is reading books. I’ve recently read a book, which has made a deep impression on me. It is named” Anna Karenina”. If I had to spend the rest of my life on a desert island with just one book for company, I would take “Anna Karenina”by Lev Tolstoy. Anna Karenina is a tragic story, but it’s so beautifully told by Tolstoy.

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