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Wehear the phrase “Task Management” a lot these days, and with good reason.

In aworld that demands more from us each day, it’s vital for companies to approachtheir goals, deliverables, and deadlines in a logical and streamlined manner.Today’s digital marketplace has opened up new opportunities for companies bothlarge and small, making it easy for them to rapidly grow by tapping into globaldistribution channels. However, with growth comes complexity, and withopportunity comes competition. By utilizing solid Task Management principles tostreamline operations, small businesses can remain nimble while greatlyincreasing both productivity and efficiency.

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Task Management simply put, it’sthe process of managing a task through the completion of its life cycle,tracking the task’s progress and sharing information about the task withothers. A good Task Management system allows you to easily break a complex taskcycle into discrete levels of steps or mini-tasks. The real value of using atask management solution in the workplace, however, is the ability to empoweremployees with the ability to group a large number of tasks into projects thatcan be viewed, tracked, and reported on in various ways. Taskmanagement platforms enable the collaboration and sharing of information on awide scale, helping small businesses and their employees attain collectivegoals.Theability to distribute tasks to many different team members is particularlyhelpful when your company is engaged in time-critical projects requiring arelatively large commitment of resources, planning, and personnel.

Thecombination of task management solutions with the connective power of theinternet, mobile computers and today’s always-on smart phones, delivers theadditional advantage of being able to coordinate task and project completion,across large teams, in different locations, using your existing infrastructure.TaskManagement solutions help you build a better business by giving you a singlesolution that can help you in 3 core areas. These are: streamlining internalprocesses, encouraging teamwork, and increasing visibility over keydeliverables. With a solution in place that can track and report on thisprocess, areas of concern are recognized early on and dealt with before theycreate major problems.Goneis the inefficient paper-shuffling, note-taking and data replication—replacedby consistent standards and global governance.

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