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We will announce some of the techniques that are best working this 2016 to position an online store or e-commerce. Remember that there are five critical factors to improve the SEO of an online store and its SEO On pageThe on-page SEO strategy, the texts, and contents of the page, the design, the usability, the internal links, in short, to make the users that visit your website stay because they are comfortable.The linksIn the second place we highlight the links, each link of a page with information and content related to that of the store is like a point that adds Google to your final note of relevance of the website, if you have a store of food products, and you receive links to pages or blogs of recipes for example help to improve the positioning, however if the ring belongs to a theme that has little to do with the online store will not do much. Moviendote is your SEO Barcelona agency.Currently, the management of links has changed a lot; it is better to have few links and high quality than many links of poor quality, understanding quality links that relate to the theme of the online store. Moving is online marketing in Barcelona.

Behavior of the usersThird, we highlight the behavior of users, if we achieve that users access our website and stay inside, consume the content of the website and use internal links, enjoy browsing the site, help improve the value of the page and therefore to position yourself within Google.Social networksFourth to improve online marketing is essential social networks, if a lot of content is distributed, apparently it is good content, and if it is also shared content attracts traffic even better.Titles and descriptions of your pagesFinally The titles and descriptions of the pages continue to be one of the most important and potential tools for web positioning, if the results of the SERPS do not find an ad with symbols, or interspersing capital letters or presenting the product in an original way is much more likely that users who are looking for something click. If for example the online store is in a sixth position, but the titles are very original and relevant, customers will click on it, and this ad will rise spots quickly. To improve the accuracy of your campaign, you can also contact our online marketing agency Barcelona, and we will help you optimize your campaign.

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Another critical point in the design of titles is not to overload keywords. In many occasions to give more power to a keyword is placed in the title, in the URL, in the meta description of the page and the title h1. Over-optimization can worsen the relevance of the ad; it is always better to place in the Titles (still), and in two more areas such as the meta description or the URL.The related keywords are synonyms and keywords with an intimate relationship to the keyword that we want to rank. Currently, it is not so important that the keyword that you want to position within the content of the page appears many times without keywords related to the content.

For example, if women’s shoes are sold, it is an excellent strategy to include terms such as heels, sandals, boots, booties, etc. within the contents of the page.About us:The good thing about index is that it tells you in which position each one of these URLs is located within the Google searches, the more URLs we have found within the top 100, the higher our visibility index, our final goal will be to have the most extensive amount of url located in the top 10, ie the first page of Google search where we will get real traffic, and from the second page of the search engine the generation of traffic is significantly reduced.

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