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As I walked down the hallway of the nursing home, I could hear a patient telling an aide, ?I want to get out of bed.? In response she said, ?It isn?t time for you to get up yet.? The aid mumbles as she stormed out of the room. The patient laid there crying not knowing what else to do. I thought about that while visiting with my grandmother.
Grandma told me about the care that the residents received. She told me how the decisions of everyday life were no longer a valid concern. She explained, ?You get up and go to bed when they say. You even eat and shower when they say. Worst of all when you can?t walk on your own, you go to the potty when they say.? Her voice to a whisper and her face red with embarrassment she went on to say, ? I sat here with my call light on one day for twenty minutes needing help to potty. The young girl came in and was short with me and after a sigh of frustration she told me that I could only go every two hours. Then she told me that she would

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