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Film Review Andrew Stanton, creator of Finding Memo and Toy Story 1&2 in collaboration with Disney and Paxar Animations brings to us yet another science-fiction animation classic with the voice of Ben Burnt as Wall-e – the main character, Allies Knight as Eve, Wall-ex.’s friend. The movie begins with planet Earth in the year 2700; it has become no longer suitable for life. Wall-E – a small robot, which picks up and sorts all the trash generated by the human society, comes across a discovery that can completely hang the faith of the planet and mankind as a whole.

A few months later after his discovery, an advanced research robot named EVE is sent on the planet by the humans to examine and search for any early signs of life. When she meets Wall-E and sees his discovery, EVE rushes back to the mothers in order to inform the humans that there might be a chance for them to get back to Earth. However, Wall-E quickly follows her, as she has become the only real friend he has ever had. This is here the fun -part of the movie begins.

Come along with Wall-E as he goes through miraculous adventures in the search of his one true love. This movie is suitable for children and adults. It has numerous twists keeping your attention and excitements until the end. The animations are specially made to appeal to very young children while still expressing the serious idea that the movie actually carries. The film is filled with eye-candies and special effects of all sorts, true to

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Station’s style in order to keep the audience entertained. At almost 100 minutes the film is a bit long but is filled with exciting and inspiring scenes that make you feel like time flies while you’re watching it. The romantic scenes between Wall-E and Eve, which contain almost no dialogue are filled with so much inspiration and thought that they could touch even the harshest of people in the audience. Also, the representation of human life in the year 2700 seems quite realistic.

Many ideas are carried thought the movie. The simple and basic line repeated almost all the time “Wall-E” makes you consider about the way we treat our planet Earth while we still have the chance to go back and make things right. “Wall-E” is an exciting , funny and in the same time serious movie carrying a few very important ideas and is definitely worth seeing. I would recommend you not to miss it and even go watch it now in your local cinema! Wall-E Film Review B By mattered

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