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These internet media include Virtual Learning Environment system (Vales), online classrooms and asynchronous distance learning amongst other rowing educational technologies. Learner-centered instructional techniques help students connect with new knowledge and information to what they already know, to increase and improve on the quality of education they already have and also to seek meaningful knowledge and evaluate their own thinking processes. In addition, the internet provides possible benefits such as new methods of communication, flexible access to resources and different methods of assessing lecturers and students.

However, for lecturers, formulating internet resources that are appealing, educationally sound, dominating and easy to use is often time consuming and involves considerable expertise. The applications of Vales assist lecturers to formulate resources faster and it does not require development of technical skills. Typically, the application of Vales enables the users to easily upload their materials and resources, offers an integrated set of internet tools and provides a consistent look and feel that can be customized by the user.

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Therefore, the employment of technology to support learning is largely prevailed by the use of Vales. A Virtual Learning Environment (VALE) is a footwear program devised to facilitate instructors in the management of courses for their students. It aims at helping students and teachers with course administration. It can also track the students progress which can be monitored by both the learners and instructors. Vales are mostly viewed as being helpful in distance learning but in practice they are equally beneficial in supplementing face-to-face classroom.

In this paper, the main concern will how technology has been used in FEEL teaching. FEEL (English as a Foreign Language) courses among a variety of other courses offered in institutions of Geiger education, have witnessed changes in the recent years which include high enrollment rates, increasing diversity of students and less resources. In addition, FEEL courses are likely to be enrolling students who are mature, possessing other qualifications other than the already existing A-levels or at times studying part time. These students have different backgrounds, preferences and skills in the way they learn.

Moreover, these students have expectations of studying current and new trends in technology. Vales can provide FEEL students and their instructors a wide and flexible accessibility to sources and materials in accordance with the changes in technology. This is particularly advantageous to students studying on a part time basis. Motivating and engaging FEEL students pose a great challenge to their lecturers. Vales can help solve this problem by putting together up-to-date, interactive and interesting electronic resources besides additional supporting resources and materials.

Vales can open up opportunities for new methods of communication and learning, and also support collaborative learning as well as independent learning. In the United States, for example, the FEEL population has been raising over the past years. Therefore, the language need of FEEL and SSL students have prompted teachers to devise new and innovative methods of educating these students. The Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESTS) have come up with accessibility standards that will apply to FEEL and SSL students.

All FEEL students should have access to services provided by their institutions, should be given appropriate curriculum, and have equitable and fair assessments. They should also be offered a positive learning environment. A majority of FEEL tutors have chosen technology as an aid in meeting and satisfying the above standards. In FEEL pedagogical issues are more common in the employment of technology. Pedagogical content knowledge focuses on the strategies used in teaching that is, those strategies that bring about the best learning experience for every learner.

It involves learning different teaching approaches that make the learning process more suitable to the students. In this case, the tutor should be flexible in adjusting instructions to cater for the various learning styles, interests and abilities. The major essence of pedagogical studies is to know how to best teach a concept so that the learners will receive the best learning experience. The different teaching approaches employed may differ from one tutor to the other. In FEEL courses, teachers can use pedagogical studies and include technology knowledge.

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