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Video Game Killers Video Game Killers In John Leo?s essay ?When Life Imitates Video,? he describes how violent video games affect children?s views on killing. Leo also points out how these types of games desensitize children and make it easier for them to kill. According to John Leo, ?We are now a society in which the chief form of play for millions of youngsters is making large numbers of people die ?(360). Millions of children are addicted to playing violent video games.

Children know the difference between reality and fantasy; however there are a few unstable children who get a hold of these violent video games. It is the neglected, beaten, picked on and made fun of children who begin to imagine these violent games as more than they really are(360). ?Adolescent feelings of resentment, powerlessness, and revenge poor into the killing games. In these children, the games can become a dress rehearsal for the real thing ?(360). Leo cites psychologist David Grossman of Arkansas State University, a retired Army officer, to help support his views on violent video games.

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