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Values of St. Vincent de Paul Believing that their work and the own lives are enriched by keeping a strong spiritual dimension to all of their activities. Respecting the rights of everyone to participate economically and socially in society. Ensuring the voice of those they help has had a strong role in influencing the supports they offer and the way they provide their services. Valuing diversity and being non-judgemental, caring confidential and respectful in all their interactions with those they help and other members.

Welcoming all those who respect and support their Christian values. The Work Assistance to Families: Home Visitations Community Development Projects Resource Centres Elderly People Housing and Homeless: Hostels Social Housing Projects Help for Children: Sunshine Holidays Youth Clubs Education Grants Teen Holiday Programmes After School Projects Pre-schools/Cheches Breakfast Clubs Special Visiting: Hospital Visitation Prison Visitation Travellers Refugees and Asylum Seekers Special Services: Holidays for the Elderly Family Holidays Job Creation Projects VINCENT’S Shops

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Seafarers’ Club The Society of St Vincent de Paul’s members provide an extensive array of services that have grown out of family visitation work. There are literally hundreds of opportunities for their members to make a difference for people in need. Members join a Conference which is the local SVP Group. Typically a conference has between 8-10 members and works within a particular parish. Our nearest Conference is the Assumption Church in Dalkey, who meet every Tuesday night for about three hours which includes visitation. The core work of the SVP is family visitation.

This involves meeting families and individuals in their homes in a spirit of friendship and trust and in a non- judgemental way, helping with the immediate problems they face. “The question which is agitating the world today is a social one. It is a struggle between those who have nothing and those who have too much. It is a violent clash of opulence and poverty, which is shaking the ground under our feet. Our duty as Christians is to throw ourselves between two camps in order to accomplish, by love, what Justice alone cannot do”. Frederic Ozanam 1840 SVP believe it is not enough to provide short term material support.

Those they serve must also be helped to achieve self sufficiency in the longer term and the sense of self-worth. When the problems encountered are beyond competence, bridges of The Society of St Vincent de Paul was established in Ireland in 1844. There are 13 regions, 100 areas, 1,000 conferences and 9,500 voluntary members in the thirty-two counties. There are almost 1 million members of SVP world-wide in 143 countries. The Society of St Vincent de Paul is a Christian voluntary organisation of social oncern, with a proud tradition of supporting and championing the rights of the poorest members of our society.

Inspired by one of the founder, Frederic Ozanam, and their patron, St Vincent de Pau, they seek to respond the call every Christian receives to bring the love of Christ to those they serve in spirit of the gospel message: “l was hungry and you gave me to eat” (Matt. 25) They are motivated in what they do by their belief that they can make a difference to the lives of thousands of people in Ireland who are prevented from participating fully in the economic and social life of their own communities.

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