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v  How does ultrasound work?

An ultrasound machine has 3 key essential
parts a display screen, a control panel, and a transducer
Special water-based gel is applied to the skin, prior to
starting the ultrasound
The probe (handle) is moved back and forth, sending sound
waves through the skin and muscles
The sound waves are reflected and turned into an image that
then appears on a TV screen

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v  What happens in during an ultrasound?

The ultrasound doctor drapes
a cloth over any exposed areas that are not needed for the exam
The ultrasound doctor applies a mineral oil-based jelly to your skin
They pass the probe over your skin to obtain the required images
After the images have been acquired and measurements taken, the data is stored
on disk
You are given a wipe to clean up and then you can get dressed.


v  Why is
this technology being used?


To capture live images from inside of a body

allows us to see problems within organs,
vessels, and tissues – without needing to make an incision

also uses no radiation

usually painless

Ultrasound scanning gives a clear picture of
soft tissues that do not show up well on x-ray images


safe; it uses no radiation or chemicals, just echoes. It’s more affordable than
other diagnostic imaging and therefore easily available. It can also be known
as a portable technology.


Ø  Produced by directing high frequency sound waves at a part of
the body usually from a microscope attached to a computer – Show real time
movement of body parts like the heart; useful for watching organ function


Ø  This
technology has radically reshaped diagnostics, allowing for a relatively risk
free, accessible and accurate glimpse into the human body.


§  A helpful analogy…

Ultrasound works in much the same way that bat’s use sound to
find prey and navigate their surroundings.


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