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Health care is a problem that many families are facing now. Not many people are able to afford a doctor’s consult. A doctor visit is almost unreachable for many people without insurance. Numerous households are unable to pay for what they need. A visit to a specialist doctor in California cost around $350. 00 for a 30 minutes visit plus wherever the patient will need to be diagnose or treat. Concerns over health care cost are an issue that is rising over U. S. citizens every day.

“Their concerns, wide and varied, include: being wipe out financially by a catastrophic illness, losing employer-provided coverage due to a job loss, keeping up with escalating co-pays and deductibles, and paying for even minor medical expenses -a problem for the nearby 50 million uninsured. ” This information is based on the public agenda webpage illustrates very clear the fear of multiple Americans of getting sick and not being able to pay for the health care that is going to need it. It is a fact that many people in America don’t have medical insurance.

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“In 2007, more than one of five working-age people were uninsured for a year or longer. One of six working people had health insurance insufficient to meet the expenses of a serious illness. And there were 8 million uninsured children in the United States. At least 5 million more people lost their health insurance in 2008 and 2009 thanks to galloping unemployment — on top of years of progressively unaffordable health insurance, inadequate coverage, and steep out-of-pocket costs. The failing economy further accelerated the crisis in health care through devastating state and local cutbacks in safety net care.

” this information is according to monthly review. com. The numbers on the statistics keep on growing more every day. Sadly, my family is part of those numbers in the statistics; we don’t have health care insurance. I understand the frustration of many Americans when the access to a health care treatment is a lot more difficult and sometimes more expensive than those who have insurance. Crisis is a word that is becoming part of our daily conversations, everywhere we go we deal with changes and cuts blamed on the present economic crisis.

The US Government this summer made big cuts on the coverage of the public health care system leaving millions of Americans unprotected without medical insurance. All these changes are affecting the users and the providers in the same way. Doctors and medical services providers are disturbed by the modifications to the public health care coverage. Medical or Medicare are not covering many of the services that they used to cover in the past; mental health, dentist, and vision care are some of the cuts made. The modifications had brought even more difficulties; doctors don’t have the same number of patients than before.

Also, many doctors complained that Medical take a long time to pay for the services that they provide, and as a consequence they are not accepting any patients with medical insurance. Furthermore, as they have less money they are also letting people make the unemployment statistics grow. Everything that is happening can be reduced as a snow ball effect; the modifications are affecting a lot of things. This is an economic crisis that is going to last for a long time because instead of getting better it seems to get worse every day.

Reforms need to be made in order to provide insurance to those who doesn’t have right now. Finally, there has to be way to stop this snow ball that is taking so many people on its way and jeopardizing the well being of the American families. Citations Coates, Andy. “Notes on the status of the health reform. ” monthly review 09 may 2009: Web. 09 Nov 2009. . Feldsher, Melissa. “Public ready for changes to health care system but unclear about necessary trade-off, citizen forums suggest. ” public agenda 22 jun. 2009: n. pag. Web. 09 Nov 2009. .

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