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This is lined with thin cells so water moves out A number of other neoprene join up to the eclectic duct which travels through the medulla to the renal papilla where the filtrate is emptied in the minor calyx 4-5 minor calices join up to make a major calyx The renal artery divides in o ever smaller arteries and arterioles The filtered substances move into the proximal convoluted tubule Because water has been reabsorbed the concentration of the filtrate is not very high From the DUCT the filtrate now passes into the collecting duct. -3 major calices join up to form the renal pelvis Afferent arterioles take blood to the slumberous to be filtered Once blood is filtered efferent arterioles take blood away from the slumberous Products which are filtered out: water, mineral salts, amino acids, glucose, hormones, urea, toxins The slumberous is a network of capillaries which filters the blood The walls of the ascending loop of Henley are lined with thicker cells, so water can’t pass in or out.Instead sodium and chloride is pumped out actively In the DUCT the volume and composition of the filtrate can be adjusted but this is controlled by hormones The renal pelvis joins the router at the helium Products which do not filter and remain in the blood: Leukocytes, erythrocytes, platelets, plasma proteins The filtrate now enters the distal convoluted tubule- is it now only 20% of what it originally was.

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