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Urie Bronfrenbrenner Urie Bronfenbrenner received his bachelor?s degree from Cornell University in 1938, where he completed a double major in Psychology and in Music.

He then went on to graduate work in Developmental Psychology, completing his Masters Degree at Harvard followed by his Doctorate from the University of Michigan in 1942. From the beginning of his scholarly work, Bronfenbrenner has pursued three themes: 1) Developing theory and corresponding research designs at the frontiers of developmental science; 2) Laying out the implications and applications of developmental theory and research for policy and practice 3) Communicating – through articles, lectures, and discussions – the findings of developmental research to undergraduate students, the general public, and to decision-makers both in the private and public sector. Bronfenbrenner has also played an active role in the design of developmental programs in the United States and abroad, including being one of the founders of Head Start.In the immediate future, he will be focusing on four main themes, looking at each to evolving theory and research to suggestion and applications for programs and policies. I.

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Growing Chaos in the Lives of Americas Children, Youth, and Families: Consequences and Countermeasures. accumulated research evidence indicates that mounting disruptive research, processes, developmental, time, theory, proximal, work, programs, over, model, however, children, bronfenbrenner, both, being, youth, university, trends, through, theoretical, themes, taking, studies, states, same, public, psychology, policies, point, place, patterns, one, indicate, immediate, future

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