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I Salt Heat: turns black, smells like burnt reverberate: digressiveness: dissolves I White, looks like sugar except it isn’t shiny I Dirt I Heat: dries up and starts to jerkwater: turns to mudslinger: turns to mud I Brown, has bits of rock and dried grass in it Baking Soda I Heat: Water: turns water whitewashing: starts to bubble I White, soft, kind of like flour These are some of the characteristics and appearances of the four known substances after experimenting (heating, adding water, adding vinegar, observing) to find their properties.

This Vile help when trying to figure out the two substances in the unknown mixture. TABLE 2: UNKNOWN SUBSTANCE Substances Characteristics I Appearance I Result Unknown I Water: the substance turned to mud and the White specks dissocialized: while the dirt turned hard, the white substance started to turn rowan and smell good * pieces Of rock and dried and grass * small White shiny specks mixed in Dirt and Sugar I This is the data collected from observing the unknown substance.

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From looking at table 1 and then comparing the appearance of the known substances to the unknown substance the unknown substance is the most similar to the appearances and characteristics of dirt and sugar. DATA ANALYSIS: The data collected states all the characteristics and appearances tooth tour known substances. This helps when trying to find the two substances in the unknown mixture. To gather the data the substances were burned, added with water and vinegar, and observed. Then with the information of the known substances was compared with the characteristics of the unknown substances.

The unknown substance had characteristics similar to dirt and sugar, and 50 the unknown substance was experimented to check if they were really dirt and mud by adding beater to see if it turned to mud and heating the substance to see if it would turn brown and smell good. CONCLUSION,’ EVALUATION,’IMPROVEMENTS: The purpose of this experiment was to find out the two substances of the known mixture out of salt, sugar, dirt, and baking soda. For this experiment my hypothesis was correct.

The purpose of this experiment was achieved by observing and finding out the characteristics Of each substance. The Sugar turned brown and smelled good when heated, salt turned black and smelled like burnt rubber When heated, dirt turned to mud When water was added, and baking soda started to bubble when vinegar was added. According to table 1 the data shows that the unknown substance had similar characteristics to both sugar and dirt. And so to find out if my hypothesis was correct or not experiments were aired out based on tests that were characteristics of either sugar or dirt.

One experiment was heating the unknown substance to check if it would start drying up and bubbling brown. The other was adding water to test if it would turn into mud, Some mistakes that could be improved in the experiment next time is- making sure not to pour a lot of salt into the beaker when heating it, since there was a lot of salt when heating it the smell was more nastier and shocking. Also when heating the dirt not to let it burn tort a long time because when washing it, it was hard to get some of the dirt off.

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