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Crying is often due to hunger, tired, dirty soiled nappy or illness. Skin to skin when born is known to help the bond between a mother and baby. Also close contact with parent’s and baby during caring times Egg Feeding, bathing etc 1 MONTH Babies seem more relaxed bodied, stretched out more and seem less Jumpy to noises them have no grown to know. Recognizing their parent’s voices and smells know soothes them from crying during distressed time. At the end of this period the baby should start to coo when content.

At the end of this period the baby commonly will smile while asleep again a sign of a intent baby.Still difficult at this point to recognize people visually. 3 MONTHS Spurt of growth in height and weight, able to lift the weight of their own head. Movement of head from side to side, busy observing the world. Some babies have now learnt the difference between night and day. They are able to visually see moving objects egg Mobiles Able to mirror people’s facial expressions.

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Returning smiles to their parent’s. 6 MONTHS phonically a Log change at tons age, slating up, rolling over Ana addle to gray dejects and move it from one hand to another. 1st teeth should be appearing at this time also.Response to noise and movement now is quicker, more alert. Everything must be explored via the mouth at the beginning of this teething period. Show more indication using body language of what they want, food time, lifted up or being turned back onto their backs.

Now able to know when to smile of their own accord. 9 MONTHS Most babies will start to crawl during this time, keen to become more independently mobile. More concentration now to sit with one toy that is on interest to them and learn more by feeling touching watching lights and tasting with mouth.Apply to understand the meaning of key word Egg Bottle Baby is now using more communication freely, more continuous louder sounds. Common for babies to “make strange” with people at this age and cling on the main careers.

Being left alone is now something the baby is aware of and dislikes as soon the person leaves the room, feel safer with others at this age. 1 YEAR Standing up alone and holding onto furniture cruising along becoming very mobile and strengthening the muscles in the legs. Their eye sight is now at its full capability as us adults.Able to recognize daily routines and what food on the plate they like and serenading of food they dislike by throwing under highchair etc. Babies’ communication is now more advanced understanding more words that are said to them daily and trying to say 1st words in between their own baby language.

Also pointing at objects to show careers what they want. Still suffer from “making strange” with people at this age and cling on the main careers. 18 MONTHS Most Toddlers are now walking confidently and quickly.

Able to work a sit on and ride toy using the pushing motion.Enjoy the problem solving toys ate this age, pop ups, shape fittings and color matching tasks. Toddlers at this age are able to speak at least 5-10 words now. However their listening skills at this age seem to be the least important factor, they grow minds of their own and go and do as they wish. Toddlers seem more willing to watch other children at this age and not Just adult.

They suffer more from temper Ana Translation as unmade to communicate clearly a t tons time. 2 – 3 YEARS Able to run and climb confidently and carefully. More interest in using a pedal on a bike now too.Walking up the stairs on opposite feet step by step.

Enjoy the problem solving toys at this age, Jigsaws, mega blocks building. Imagination comes in to play at this age so roles play, dressing up, home corner. This is the period when children gain the most amount of vocal ranging up to 200 words at this age and starting to place words together to start sentences. Toddlers still suffer more from temper and frustrations as unable to communicate clearly at this time. Plus careers preventing them from what they want to do due to safety. More willing to play alongside other children – called parallel play.

Toilet training will become necessary at this age as they dislike the wet dirty feeling. Difficult to understand what is right and wrong at this age but do understand the words yes and no, so best to keep it simple. 4 – 6 YEARS Fine motor skills are now more advanced allowing children to use scissors, drawing within the lines, pouring liquid more steadily. Start to learn how to write and foot movement control is more advanced. Egg Dribbling of a football. Their concentration has improved to be able to sit and complete tasks now that they enjoy and able to count numbers and simple calculations.Children enjoy to talk at this age, able to old a conversation asking relevant questions and answering in the correct manner. Enjoy the company of other children now and want to mix and play with them as a team rather than alongside them.

Able to choose who they want as their friend and who they argue with to avoid. They respond very well to praise at this age. Children morals at this age are still mainly what they feel their parent’s would want them to do. Keen to use rules and understand importance of them. 7 – 9 YEARS Their able to write and draw more accurate now and take pride in this.Color in with the lines and verity of color is important for them. Ability to read their story book in their head silently. Enjoy being organized with routine and in play.

Able to see more of the child’s character at this age, they are more willing to negotiate and persuade through communication now. Children of this age are now more willing to accept difference of opinion in the friendships they have formed and understand the differences between boy and girls interests. To be honest, stick to rules and make people aware when others have done wrong by Dreading rules.Y Accuracy in coordination and aiming is greater and real interest in sports at this active age. Enjoy activities that are challenging at this age and want to further their progression every day.

Able to use imagination and correct grammar to tell and write made up stories. Children at this age like responsibility and respond well to praise. They are able to maintain a good healthy friendship now also. A lot more thoughtful of others and put others before themselves at times. Able to be more acceptable of consequences due to bad behavior.

11 – 13 YEARS Puberty is most likely at this time, body shape changes and another growth spurt.Show signs of wanting to become more independent. Enjoy problem solving and seasoning tasks. Able to read almost anything at this age, enjoy reading and learning new writing skills on persuasive story telling. It’s a private time for a child when hitting puberty so less likely to talk to parent’s but rather close friends whom are going through the same thing. Suffer peer pressure and also anxiety from exam times at school.

Start to understand and learn the reasoning for rules and regulations that must be followed in society. 13-19 YEARS Poor sense of their surroundings – called spatial space due to hormonal changes. More so common in boys.Egg lost in a computer game and forget who or what is round them. Able to use technical equipment to a high standard at this age and learn new things very quickly. Main form of communication used at this age is phones, computers etc Allow private time during this age to communicate with friends in private.

Confident at this age, facing working or university life making new friends, leaving school mates behind sometimes. Also an age where temptation to explore smoking, drugs and alcohol leading to mood swings and poor communication. Fully understand right from wrong at this adult age and seem to build their own morals and beliefs.

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