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Problem in the community that is hardly known due to some reasons that covered up the victim’s serenity. The causes were determined as it showed physical smudge; emotional stress and some other grounds that are considered one of the critical issues in the US. This paper wants to deal and seek answers as it tries to uncover the compound world of domestic violence.Surveys and further studies of concerned individuals will be in greater help towards the fulfillment of a deeper understanding of what is domestic violence, the victims, how it evolves in time, causes and effects as well as the solutions created by the government to protect those who are involved in this despicable hostility. Domestic violenceThe term domestic violence is broad since it involves not only psychological (Non – criminal conduct but capable to criminal exploit) and physical abuse (Criminal act like striking, shoving, choking, pushing and etc), but it also includes economic, manipulative act, sexual exploitation and even isolation. It ingrained in societies so many years now.

Our society consists of people that shares different personalities, status and abilities that have brought forth conflicts and complexity that sometimes leads to violence in relationships.It’s frequently practical to two people with the purpose of one desired to have full control to the other, that convey physical and psychological catastrophe. It has an extensive and profound chronological background that will be in greater help, recognizing the aggression that had become the major health dilemma these days. The impact is crucial hence this violence has the tendency to be a criminal accomplishment. The awareness must have given acknowledgment and treatment to those who are victimized and so as lower the increasing numbers of abusers.

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The Evolution Looking back at the historical points will help figuring out the heredity of domestic violence. All through 1800s there was a law implemented in the United States that had supported men in taking disciplinary actions to their partners but it was not until one woman complained and filed a separation case to her husband on the grounds of abuse. It was then, that awareness about relationships of opposite sex is possible to have reach and come into domestic violence and from that time on, it turns into a myth.

Since then many had take there step towards enriching the victims by gaining supports from the law enforcement and by 1994 the Act against violence of women was implemented. Nowadays it had given much alertness and support so as actions from the US government. In 2001 there were about 700,000 victims of this incidents were being recorded in the US. The American President was alarmed and had given adequate monetary funds towards the elevating and mounting the on going programs and working on the other programs that protects the citizens of America free from this violence.

(The White House. President W. Bush. , Fact Sheet: Preventing Domestic Violence, October 2003) Talking About the Victims To be a victim of domestic violence is not by choice. No one would like to be harmed and experienced a traumatic practice with their relationships, but many have live their lives bearing the dark sanctuary of violence.

Sufferers were people that were demean, disgrace and criticize by their partners thus make them feel dull, mad, and unattractive.The violence definitely stealing one’s confidence that sometimes brings out a pity attitude that they deserved to be maltreated by their abuser. Most of the common victims of this violence were women, children and witnesses; it doesn’t have standards in choosing who to be victimize. These victims were restricted to maintain their communication ties with their family and friends.

Thus, this violence will lead to mental disorder such as anxiety, fatigue, depression, low self esteem, deadness and restlessness.The act of gaining so much control in relationships, in order to maintain authority were one of the leading discoveries, that someone is competent to be an abuser and the other part is the abused. It’s hard to recognize because it had started a fine beginning in relationships. Loving, caring, courtship and even marriage, that later on becomes a tragic occurrence.

These happenings brought a lot of questions from the society since not all victims reveals there vicious experiences and seek out help but instead many are hiding their bruises.There’s an old saying that a book cannot be judge by its cover so there must have a lot of reasons why a victim keeps that stillness. Reasons of Stillness People think that the abusers and the abused were crazy when they are suffering to death in keeping quite to maintain the wholeness of their relationships. They were misunderstood for some reasons that they are just trying to protect the harmonious and well loved relationships that had turn out into disaster. It’s too far to reach acceptance especially to those victims that never expected the violence they are facing.The victims sometimes listen to their hearts and continue loving trying to insist that they can change their abuser and somehow believed that denial can help them survive and no one will enable to give them some help and understand their situations. The victims suffered from threats and isolation that result to fear of humiliation and lower their self confidence in embracing change. Often times they were threatened to be debilitated including their family so as believing that violence is normal.

There were a lot of factors that keeps the victims stay in denying what they went through in facing violence. Conclusion: One thing is for sure only a victim can help ease the situation. Many ways were available as long as it comes out in an open and taking courage to accept the reality of violence.

Programs were long time created to assess the needs of those carrying the cross of domestic violence. It might needed a lot of consideration to be free from domestic violence but an individual who is victimized but have alertness and constructive ability to go out and be free from suffering.Creating ample safety tactics and gaining knowledge by learning the not to depend and rely on something that may lead to death.

Above all, the government has a law that protects and shelters the victims. The law enforcement is available anytime to give out support and counsel those who are victimize, but they also need courageous victims that are willing to report domestic violence cases and are willing to go out and believed that life is better when free from being abused. References: 1.

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