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Types of solar photovoltaic
materials: –

type of solar photo-voltaic materials is classified on the basis of their
availability in the market which is given in Fig. 2. As discussed in previous
section that silicon based solar cells technology is leading technology in the
market now these days on the basis of their variant feature like high efficient
nature and highly matured technology. Wafered based solar technology includes
crystalline semiconductors and GaAs have highest performance characteristics in
comparison with the other technologies that are available in market. Whether less
pure materials based solar cell technology includes amorphous inorganic or
organic or polycrystalline solar cell materials or combination of these materials,
having less performance characteristics as relate to their low cost. There by
many researchers are working and developing new technologies all over the
world, to produce electricity from solar cells in a beneficial and in high
performance characteristics way. Thin film technologies now these days come with
low cost and light weight characteristics and becoming high rate potential for
solar PV. The main disadvantage of thin film solar technology is about its efficiency,
its efficiency is low and becoming a cause of worry in scientific communities. For
enhancing the efficiency of the thin film technology, there is lot of research
work is going on various different materials worldwide. Some materials are i.e.
hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a- SiH), cadmium telluride(CdTe), copper zinc
tin sulphide (CuZnTS), pervoskites, quantum dot PV and many more. As environment
is our primary aspect various environmental based technologies are developing
like organic/polymer cell technology. Some dye sensitized technologies are also
developing in worldwide as their characteristics like low cost and less complications
in manufacturing than silicon based solar technology. 

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