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Twins The psychology topic that I was interested in finding was hypnosis. So I went to the search engine that I use called GOOGLE.COM. It came up with thousands of results, so I picked the one that sounded the most interesting.

The title of the website is American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and the website is This page has a lot of information on hypnosis itself, the history behind it, the years of research, and even how to join the ASOCH. The page begins with the information on how to join the ASOCH, followed by the certifications that are needed to be a member. After that the website then goes into a list of certified professionals that are members of the ASOCH.

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After information about the society the website provides paperwork and reading material on hypnosis, which is from the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, and Hypnosis Workshops. After all of the informative material the website then provides details on the 45th annual meeting of Clinical Hypnosis. The purpose of is to encourage and provide the information in the use of hypnosis by professionals; to advance, education and standards of practice in hypnosis, and to enhance the public?s thoughts hypnosis, information, website, research, provides, clinical, page, need, about, twins, think, society, provide, interested, asoch, american, after, workshops, value, subject, professionals, one, members, material, journal, join, http//wwwaschnet/, future, found, even, details, definitely, because, back, age

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