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Twelfth Night The Twelfth Night production was indeed very detailed with their props and characters. The floral scene background and beach funky music caught me by surprise because of the Shakesphere vibe the play was written in. I have observed that the play was a comedic play and it caught the audience’s attention with laughter and fun. As the first scene comes out, the characters that came on stage gave me a sure vibe that they knew whom they were portraying themselves as and their motives.

The acting was filled with enthusiasm and emphasis, which was very effective and important in the play because the timing was Shakesphere time. The language that was used was very clear and understandable for the audience and I to adapt to. What impressed me the most about the production were the scene changes and how the characters smoothly transitioned themselves on to the stage. Each scene that changed had lighting changes with opening or closing music and I enjoyed that.

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My favorite character would be Viola who secretly dressed up as a man who looks like a clone to her long lost twin Sebastian. The reason is because she was a woman who then changed into a dominant role to pretend she was a man. Her character was well played and it did not feel forced at all. Viola’s character to me was the most important out of everyone because she was the plays protagonist. The characters tactics that they employed were the great use of emphasis of their role.

Viola’s relationship with other characters is very interesting to me because along the way it stirred up confusion. Viola and her disguised character as a man went by the name of Cesario. She became a helper like to Orsino. The part where the confusion begins is when she begins to have feelings for Orsino but she cannot reveal her true identity. The relationships Viola or Cesario has caused around her entrapped her here she cannot show her real feelings or be truthful. The way she played this role was very good and it started up conflicts, which were interesting as well.

The time and place the characters used and were in felt real and not so suspicious because the transition was smooth. The physical emphasis on the characters was very well played because it expresses the true moment and feelings at that very moment. The expressions were very well used. Some showed excitement, sadness, etc. The vocal dynamics on the characters fit well with their persona along with the dramatic gestures that were showed. Though the play at first was difficult to nderstand, as the play kept flowing, the plot was understood and the roles were played magnificently.

I am not into shakesphere’s work as much but Twelfth Night’s comedic vibe got to me and it was enjoyable especially Viola’s secret role. Into the characters played their objectives very well, each character had his or her own motives and acting that they focused on. Another relationship in the play that I enjoyed was Orsinos and Olivias. The actors that played on those two roles were very experienced in my eyes. Those two characters in the play had similar things in common where as they both have strong emotions and love drama.

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