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Tulsa (2009) Stars: Rafael Resell I John Regale I Melissa Mended I Fanny Serrate I Julio Ditz I Maria Isabel Lopez Genre: Drama Director: Neal Tan Review: Orphaned at a young age, Tokyo (Rafael Resell) was under her aunt Lukas (Isabel Lopez) wings together with her live-in-partner Abdomen Olio Ditz). Aunt Luxury is an aging prostitute while Abdomen is a corrupt and fraudulent policeman who also happens to be a drug pusher, with Tokyo as his delivery boy or Bataan “Tulsa”. Together they are situated at a narrow alley called “Kale Waling Bubby’ where most students are immoral, criminal and drug addicts.

Tokyo, despite his young age of nine (9) was maltreated by Abdomen. Synonymously his Aunt Looker was then maltreated too by Abdomen. One time, when Tokyo tries to save her Aunt from the hands of Abdomen, he got badly wounded, forcing him to leave for the outside world. Several years later, Tokyo has become a grown man, but as an ex-convict. Apparently, all he wanted to do is to save his Aunt from Abdomen. The following events showed how Tokyo saves his Aunt and how they continued their lives with help from there people at their side.

I might say the film “Tulsa” is good for a independent film. Despite being an independent one, the cast of the film was filled with talented stars. Every star on the film made their roles bloom. Their acting was magnificent in their own way. The places that were used in the movie were well chosen. It was very fit for the story. The effects were also good. Overall, the film Just wants to tell us that we must do all our parts in fighting drugs. The film is great for everybody to watch, especially for the youth.

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