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Every person has feelings and every feeling has a reason and outcome. One feeling that is easy to comprehend but hard to explain is of course love. It is an emotion which every normal person holds to keep hold of their sanity. Number of articles have been completed and published saying that love is a feeling that which you cannot control, an intense feeling which you cannot avoid, like a plague everyone says to not want to feel but all of us are already infected of it.Couples nowadays state that they finally found “true love”—the one they’ve been waiting for their whole life, the person they want to share everything with, the one thing that makes them complete. The ultimate love starts with a three letter word, it is a person—yes, but no ordinary person, He gave up His own son for us—his children, to go to His paradise.

It is written in the bible, stated as follows; “God is love” John 1 4:8.God gave us the ultimate and unconditional love, to be able to know what true love is, put God first, put Him above all precedence—as he has done with you. He has put you as His primary concern, for you are His children and parent’s will always put their children first.

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To be able to have a stable and strong relationship with your found partner, you must first have a constant and strong bond with the Almighty One. With his guidance and your strong faith—anything can be possible.

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