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Treatment Plan Deloris is a 28-year-old Asian female. She has two children, one boy, Markus, 10-years-old and one girl, Frabertta, 6-years-old. Deloris lives in Yahayderfieldvilletown, Alabama.

She was recently living in a one-bedroom trailer in a trailer park down by the Possum River. The bank home repossessed the trailer, recently. Deloris states that her mother, Montana Idaho, was the owner of the trailer home and that she forgot to pay her mortgage for six or seven months.Deloris has been working as a dispatcher at the Happy Dappy Cab Company in Pepelapue, Alabama.

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Deloris admits to feelings of boredom and, at times, agitated while at work. She claims that she may very well be ?under skilled? for the dispatcher position. She would prefer to be a cab driver.

Deloris was referred to Williams, Levinson, and Pekofsky Chemical Dependence Hospital by the emergency room at Barkinthepark Hospital in Pepelapue. Prior to the emergency room visit, Deloris had been using alcohol every day. She had been trying to hide it for ?some time now.? Deloris admits to drink both beer and hard liquor. On average, she drinks deloris, been, two, trailer, one, hospital, history, emergency, three, six, room, physical, drinking, dependence, chemical, cab, years, work, williams, while, very, times, time, son, sixteen, seven, reports, remembers, recently, pepelapue, pekofsky, living, levinson, home, happy

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