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Why should people travel to school or walk? Nowadays there is a phenomenon that more and more technology comes up, it’s really convenient to people, so humans purchase car instead of bike, they enjoyed And happiness, but recently the experts appeal that with the development of economic, humans should understand to protect environment from get profit.

Of course, in contemporary, most of us will choose drive to school, it always has advantages over disadvantages, but the Earth we protect should be more beautiful, that is we should do.According to the WHO (2004), road traffic injuries accounted for approximately 2% of all global deaths, making them the 11 the leading cause of global deaths. The rates of road traffic death vary considerably among countries, transport mode, type of area (urban or rural), and person. Among several European countries, the highest fatality rates are about 3.

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5 times higher than the lowest figures [see Supplemental Material, Figure 1 (DOI:10. 1289/pep. 0901747)] (International Transport Forum 2010). ” “These data suggest that there are about 5. Times more traffic deaths per kilometer traveled y bicycle than by car for all ages, and that cycling is riskier than travel by car for all age groups except young adults (15-30 years of age), with about 9 times more deaths among those < 15 years of age, and 17 times more deaths among those > 80 years of age.

” As the case come up, it is really convenient for our life and improve business efficiency save time, but in many cases, people who ignored environment issue think that is temporary tools. However, the weakness of awareness becomes fatal killer— exhausts gas, and traffic Jam, even the accident.Although there are so many cases but people still persist, this is not consider the next generation, otherwise, government should establish a policy that protect environment, it is necessary.

Some of us choose walk to school, these are get more supporters, in many students they have professional skill and knowledge,so their awareness are advancing. They believe that is low-carbon action, and appeal people should pay more attention to their environment,also in society many unreasonable phenomenon frequently, so the students stand up, only use their action to prove how important is.In many countries, the government saw the parade of protect environment, their actions not only got help, but also effect many people. At Natural Day of China, ” the word of “EARTH” printed on the T-shirts worn by the parades of the environment formation were among a few English letters shown at New China’s 60-year birthday pageant. ” Walking helps us prevent many dangerous diseases, including heart disease and stroke, hypertension, osteoarthritis, obesity, depression, certain types of diabetes and colon cancer.It can help those who do not currently exercise, or little vehement, and who wish to participate in a regular saving time and money movement of people. Many people on this simple and significant effect of health recipe skeptical, but according to my method poor mood when a 10-minute brisk walk freely friends, and afterwards they were talking to me that they tired physically and mentally very fun, and full of energy to do things, and such a wonderful feeling to walking, cardiovascular disease, neurasthenia, chronic thrombosis disease and movement disorders were significantly lower than the incidence of people who like to ride.

Moreover, in daily 30 minute walk, the working efficiency will be significantly improved. The supporters of go to school by bike consider that are helpful in humans health, far away from disease and keep health are not only benefit for environment, but also next generation. Now these are tendency that more and more people pay attention our environment, especially in school education. There is an example that can indicate more supporters in this field, “Thousands of children across the city are being encouraged to walk to school to reduce the number of cars on the school run and improve the environment.Walk to School Week is a national campaign which this year takes place between May 22 and 26. The event will be launched by children from Hamilton Infants School in Birches Head. Walk to School Week is being backed by elected Mayor Mark Meredith. He said: “The response this year has been magnificent with more than 21,000 pupils pledging to take part.

“let shows that many people would choose to walk when given an incentive to do so. Everyone knows protect environment is our duties and Jobs, in order to long-term placement, people should consider about it gives us effect, “By the year 2000 the average American adult was driving about 14 000 miles per year and spending more than 212 hours per year the equivalent of five work weeks commuting in a car. America paved more than 60 000 square miles of land, equivalent to the area of the state of Georgia. American downtowns and urban transit systems fell into decay’ “Americans’ bodies changed as well, becoming generally larger with less muscle mass.

Concurrent changes in the American diet aggravated the problem.Chronic sissies became dominant; the proportion of Americans diagnosed with diabetes doubled from 1995 to 2010. Although the causes of these changes are complex where people live, how they get around, how much they eat and are physically active all contribute to the epidemics of obesity and chronic disease. ” Those are enough to say that health and environment are most important in our daily life, pay attention to protect, the pollution will be declined, also our bodies are more healthily. De Harlot, Jerome Johan, Hanna Beograd, and Hans England. “Do The Health Benefits Of Cycling Outweigh The Risks?.

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