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  Transitions  Change is an necessity in life, in The Metamorphosis the theme of change is the basis of the story. Change is the act, process, or result of making different. Change is important because people need to adapt and progress to face adversities in life. If people do not experience different things, then we become stagnant and will not grow in our everyday lives New experiences are necessary for growth and new knowledge which could turn out to be invaluable. Throughout the narrative Gregor’s transformation into an insect causes many changes in his life, such as how he goes through physical, and mental changes, how his family changes in regard to his metamorphosis, and the reversal of roles.  The initial change in Gregor’s life is his transformation into a gigantic insect; because of his metamorphosis he has difficulty moving around;For example, Gregor states: “The first thing he wanted to do was get the lower part of his body out of the bed, but he had never seen this lower part, and could not imagine what it looked like; it turned out to be too hard to move; it went so slowly; and finally, almost in a frenzy, when he carelessly shoved himself forwards with all the force he could gather, he chose the wrong direction, hit hard against the lower bedpost, and learned from the burning pain he felt that the lower part of his body might well, at present, be the most sensitive”(page 4). Compared to when he was human getting out of bed would be a simple task, but now as an insect he struggles doing normal everyday activities. This transformation not only affected him physically, but mentally as well; before his switch into an insect he was working as an traveling salesman to support his family even though he hated his job. Realizing that he is a insect reinforces the fact that he could no longer supports his family the way he wants. The second change in Gregor’s life is his adjustment to a new body, and his new life as an insect. He lost his appetite for regular foods like milk and white bread, but as a insect he gained an appetite for rotten cheese. In The Metamorphosis it states, ” Milk like this was normally his favourite drink, and his sister had certainly left it there for him because of that, but he turned, almost against his own will, away from the dish and crawled back into the center of the room”(page 18)

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