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A Sequence of Chemical Reactions:

Transforming Copper

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Briefly describe.

A) Why must you carry out the oxidation of Cue with HON…. In a fume hood? Concentrated nitric acid is a toxic oxidant. Avoiding skin contact or inhalation is highly important. The reaction between Cue and HON…. Produces NON, a toxic brown gas; therefore working under the fume is necessary in order to prevent inhaling the toxic gas.

B) Why you should be particularly careful when you work with 3 M HOSES solution? Sulfuric acid solution is a toxic oxidant. In under to prevent eye, skin, and clothing contact, it should be handled with care.

We will use red litmus paper, an acid base indicator that is red in acidic solution and blue in basic solutions. Until we add enough Noah solution in order to complete the naturalization reaction during the experiment. I will know that I added sufficient Noah solution in Part II when a drop of the mixture converts the red litmus paper to blue.

B. Briefly explain what you will observe when you have added sufficient Noah solution. One drop of the mixture will turn the red litmus paper to blue, as a signal the completion of Cue (OH)2 precipitation.

C. How will you determine whether or not you have added sufficient zinc in Part V? Briefly explain.

A visible sign that the reaction is complete will be the disappearance of the blue color from the solution. At the same time the formation of hydrogen gas (bubbles) will be evidence of the reaction.

D. Why it is important that you not overheat the Cue when you dry it in Part V. Excessive heating in part V of the experiment will cause Cue to oxidize to Coo. 5. A student performing this experiment dissolved 0. 39 g of Cue wire in HON….. After performing the series of reactions, the student isolated 0. 34 g of Cue. Calculate the percent Cue recovered by the student. % Cue recovered Transforming Copper By fever

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