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Traditional methodologies are methods that were mostly used in the past and they may still be used in recent times but very rare. Traditional methods use a linear system where the phases of the software development are done in a sequential manner, meaning a phase must be finished before the next phase starts. Before a software begins to be developed, all the details and information concerning or about the software are defined. Traditional methods involved the customers mostly in the early stages of software development especially at the requirements gathering phase. It also has a lot of documentation because after each phase it’s documented. Examples of traditional methods are waterfall, spiral, and V model.
Waterfall Methodology among the traditional methodologies is the simplest model. All the phases in software development will function one after the other in a linear manner. This means that when the first phase is completely finished then is when the second phase will start. Waterfall methodology assumes that everything is carried out perfectly as planned in previous stages having no need to check on the past issues that may arise in the next phase. This method doesn’t allow one to go back and undo or redo any of their actions.

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