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Total Quality Management in Foodservice TQM in FoodserviceIntroductionOne of the most important industries overall is the food industry.

Thefood industry consists of everything from food processing plants to fastfood restaurants. The food industry affects nearly every living person.Most people dont realize how important this industry is and how it affectstheir everyday lives. That is why it is so critical that the products ofthis industry are at their highest quality, are free of bacteria and ensurethat the consumer will not face any detrimental consequences. Total QualityManagement (TQM) plays a big role in promising these results.Total Quality Management seems to be a confusing term for the layman. TQMis a philosophy advocated by Dr.

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Edward Deming, a world renowned qualityguru. It was widely accepted by Japan from 1950 onward. They used thisprinciple for continuous refinement of an organization-wide quality system.

Since then many organizations around the world have adopted TQM or similarmethodologies. There have been many successes and many reported failures.Success of the system depends on the total commitment of the people toquality from top to bottom within the organization. TQM implementation isbased on team work and the philosophy of continuous improvement. Statisticsneed to be used extensively to analyze and reduce the variation in the process.In the food industry, quality, management, total, tqm, employees, system, product, food, program, customer, 1994, restaurant, employee, work, service, safety, process, health, haccp, control, workers, murphy, industry, harris, critical, costs, business, 1993, team, taco, stephenson, safe, problems, points, one, must

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