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Total Quality Management

Introduction: 2
History of Quality Movement 2
The three elements of the Juran Trilogy: 3
1. Quality planning 3
2. Quality control 3
3. Quality improvement 3
Deming?s 14 points 3
1. Constancy of purpose 4
2. Adopt the philosophy 4
3. Don?t rely on mass inspection 4
4. Don?t award business on price 4
5. Constant improvement 4
6. Training 4
7. Leadership 4
8. Drive out fear 4
9. Break down barriers 4
10. Eliminate slogans and exhortations 4
11. Eliminate quotas 4
12. Pride of workmanship 4
13. Education and retraining 4
14. Plan of action 4
The seven diseases 4
Malcolm Baldrige Award 5
Reasons for creating the Baldrige Award 6
How the Baldrige Award Works and how it is judged 7
Two dimensions of criteria used for organization evaluation 7
ISO 9000 8
Brief Overview of ISO 3001 Requirements 8
ISO believes that organizations should: 9
ISO distinguishes between quality system requirements and product quality requirements. 9
ISO distinguishes between four types of products: 9
The quality of your product depends on: 9
Your customers are likely to place a higher value on your products if: 9
All work is a process. 9
An organization is a network of processes. 10
Product quality depends on how well this network works. 10
Quality Pays 10
What is TQM 10
What is a Total Quality Management System 10
TQM 11
The Key to Executive Commitment 12
Aligning Total Quality Management and the Corporate Culture 12
Understanding the Dynamics of Change 13
Meeting Customer Requirements 13
Benchmarking Concepts 13
Types of Benchmarking 13
Internal 13
Competitive 14
Functional/Generic Benchmarking 14
Why Use Benchmarking 14
What to Benchmark 14
Benchmarking?What It Is and What It Isn?t 14
Benchmarking is: 14
Benchmarking Isn?t: 14
Conclusion: 15
References 17

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Introduction: Management thinking is undergoing a paradigm shift. Mandates that are guiding managements thought since the 1990s is efficiency and economies

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