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Topic: Protection of Women and Girls in War Zones

Country: Russia

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Committee: UNHRC

The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 led to political, economic, and social challenges for Russians, which continue to the present day. Women have been severely impacted by these challenges and experienced high rates of unemployment and poverty. The importance of the protection of women and girls in war zones in Russia is not without a reason, wars are no longer fought in secluded areas and the battlefield is in the middle of the civilian population. Among civilians, women are particularly exposed and victimized.

A large group of states wants to make the world a safer place for people, and protect women and girls. But some Member States like Russia often want complete freedom in their use of force, and want to preserve the legal ability to use maximum violence, including the use of aerial bombing and artillery, and even weapons of mass destruction such as chemical weapons, to assure victory over their enemies. But Russia still accepts some international action to help women and children, so long as they do not require sacrificing military and political objectives.

This problem affects Russia in terms of its international reputation as a country that doesn’t protect women and girls in war zones, since it isn’t able to find a balance between the freedom of using force, and ensuring the safety of civilians, in particular, women and girls. This problem also affected Russia because of the bombing of a hospital in Aleppo, Syria, which lead to many civilians, mainly women and girls being killed, and resulted in Russia losing its place in UNHRC

The UN also plays an important role in this problem. It issued a set of rules and principles International Humanitarian Law (IHL), to limit armed conflict, and protect women and girls. There are two rules:  1.Protection of those not participating in war.

                                  2. The right of parties to choose methods and means of warfare.

And violation of these rules is considered a crime, and the International Criminal Court (ICC) later prosecutes people accused of those crimes.

Overall, the delegate of Russia believes that Women and girls should be protected, and violence against them should end, and with help and support from member states, there are several ways in which this can be achieved:

·         Raising more awareness on the importance of protecting women and girls in war zones.

·         Moving war zones to a secluded area, to ensure the safety of civilians.

·         Training women to know how to evacuate in emergency situations like a bombing, or shooting.

·         Ensure the involvement of women in decision making, in armed conflicts, and peacebuilding.

·         Russia should take all the measures to ensure compliance with the UNHRC resolutions which call for the protection of civilians 

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