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Topic: HBOT Therapy – A Newly
Emerged Alternative Treatment for Autism
Keyword: HBOT therapy

Meta- Description: Hyperbaric
Therapy is the process of inhaling the pure oxygen at a higher level of
atmospheric pressure. This therapy consists of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber,
which delivers 100 % pure oxygen. Under the increased air pressure in the
hyperbaric chamber, the patient inside the chamber is capable to breath pure oxygen.
Though this oxygen therapy is not designed for Autism initially, now it has
proved its usage in treating autism. In this process the blood of the patient
carries the pure oxygen throughout the body, which assists in fighting against
the bacteria in the infected parts, and stimulates the release of substances
and stem cells. These stem cells promote the process of healing.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) makes the patient to breath
pure oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber. This therapy was actually suggested for treating
“the bends” in drivers. But now its applications has widened its usage and used
in gangrene, carbon monoxide poisoning, osteomyelitis (acute bone pain) and
also treating autism. In the process of this oxygen therapy, the blood flow to
the brain is enhanced, inflammation is reduced and capable to mobilize the stem
cells from the bone marrow.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
for Autism Patients:

Discrepancies in the procedure was well observed in all the
areas of the therapy and commenced in treating the autism. Each session in the
oxygen chamber costs around $ 100, which is not covered by the insurance. For
autism patient, the hyperbaric oxygen therapy must be covered at least an hour at
1.3 to 1.5 ATA. This act matches with the depth of 10 to 17 feet of seawater

In the treatment of autism patients, it helps to restore or
enhance neurologic function by providing the oxygen to the brain or flushing
out the toxins from the blood tissues, organs and cells. During the first
session in the chamber, the patient could experience minor earaches, which is common.
The treatment of oxygen therapy includes various benefits like improvements in
eye contact, language, appetite, socialization and digestion. This therapy reduces
the intestinal inflammation.

Studies about HBOT
for autism:

Though the therapy is used for treating the autism patients,
still study is going on about Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy for autism and the
conclusions are still lagging. Scientists question whether the time spent in
the oxygen chamber is really providing the expected results. This question must
be taken as a main objective in further studies to prove the effectiveness of
oxygen therapy for treating the autism patients.

At present, various scientific testing is carried out in the
medical field in order to clarify the suggestions of this oxygen therapy to
treat the autism patients. This study collects the endorsements from the parents
of the autism children who have undergone the hyperbaric oxygen treatment on
regular basis. And also, many confirming the treatment value also collected by
these recent studies.


The Bottom Line:

Above all the discussions, the
main point in treating autism is that detection of autism symptoms. The initial
signs of autism can be seen before the age of 3. Early diagnosis could provide better
results in treating autism along with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and other
scientifically proven procedures.



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