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An efficient utilization of communication link between RFC Modems over a wireless channel to facilitate vehicle monitoring, vehicle authentication and automated toll collection on the highways is proposed.

The implemented system is a more convenient to automatically sending information to above such applications. Keywords – R The advanced in the technologies related to wireless communication has led to the emergence of several engineering designs to aid the human requirements. In this fast paced modern world we are facing a number of transport related problems.RIFF technology can be effectively used to solve some of them.

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Some of the problems that require immediate attention are accident risk management, environment alert, traffic rule violation control, parking slot arrangement, tollgate management, vehicle theft identification and traffic signal management. GASP technology provides the on road area information and environment alerts (such as school zone, industry, market, bridge etc. ). One RIFF is placed in vehicle with owner info, RCA book, insurance details, service details etc. To send vehicle identification to traffic information database.RIFF reader will be placed with embedded controller Toll Gates, Parking areas and also in traffic signal areas. On board vehicle system, traffic light controls, toll gate management, parking slot arrangement and accident alert system.

Whenever vehicle meets with an accident, at that time MESS device activates on the GASP using on board ARM. We arranged one GASP and one GSM combine embedded system board is arranged in vehicle, the accident location will be traced with GASP receiver. The GASP receiver continuously tracks the information of geographical earth ND data will be sending to mobile number from which number we will receive the message.We placed GSM module with embedded unit in the moving vehicle to transmit accident information to different points. The system reads area information Ana teen ten details are transmitter to ten special mummers stores In teases (Police station, Owner and Hospital). Whenever the vehicle entering in to the parking area, the reader identifies the vehicle and allots particular slot and also initiates bill creation at the time of exit. Almost similar concept is followed in Automated Toll gate system.Whenever the vehicle roses the traffic signal area, the data from Vehicle tag is read and based on the traffic density, traffic signal is enabled.

By this traffic problem is managed intelligently. If vehicle insurance is not renewed in time, the traffic police will be alerted. Special zone information is transmitted to GASP receiver connected with vehicle embedded kit, it alarms driver about the zone.

This project uses regulated V, mamma power supply. 7805 three terminal voltage regulator is used for voltage regulation. Bridge type full wave rectifier is used to rectify the AC output of secondary of 230/V step down transformer.

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