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Today We will talk about the War Machine AK-47 (Automatic Kalashnikov – 47), a deadly weapon which used in more than 51 wars or fights. Generally “Kalashnikov” is also known as “Kalashnikov’s Automatic Rifle” is a gas operated, 7.62*39 mm assault rifle which developed by “Mikhali Kalashnikov” who is a tank commander during the second world war. Designing of the AK 47 is began in 1945 when Mikhail Kalashnikov listen and feel the real pain of soldier during the world war 2 (two). The Avtomat Kalashnikova 47 was presented for the officially trails for the military army uses in 1946 and in 1948 it was selected for the active use of it by the “Soviet Army”. In early age the design of the this stand for AKS where “S” was represent “Skladnoy” or means in English is “folding” which was equipped with an under folding metal for shoulder stock.

After its production almost eight decades, it is still most popular and widely used rifle in the world, main reason for using this deadly weapon is the variants and substantial reliability under the tough to tougher condition also its low production cost as compare to the other western weapons. It is a most important fact about the AK 47 it total production till 2004 is, “the estimated 500 million firearms worldwide, approximately 100 million belong to the Kalashnikov family, three-quarters of which are AK-47 s”Service & Production History of Automatic Kalashnikov-47:Here is a few points which are valuable and enhance your knowledge about the Automatic kalashnikov 47. These facts are given below-After its manufacturing AK47 gave his service to soviet Union from 1949 to 1978 and serve world wide 1949 to till now in many countries and has been seen service with armed forcesas well as irregular forces and insurgencies worldwide.AK 47 (Automatic Kalashnikov – 47) used in more than 51 fights till date.Designer of AK47 was “Mikhail Kalashnikov” and it was designed between 1946 and 1948 and it manufacturer are “Kalashnikov Concern” and various other including “Norinco”.

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First production of its form 1949 to till now.The estimated 500 million firearms worldwide, approximately 100 million belong to the Kalashnikov family, three-quarters of which are AK-47s.Specification:Specification of Automatic Kalashnikov – 47 is given here in a very lucid way, Lets have a look-Weight of its without magazine is 3.47 kg, when magazine is empty that time magazine weight is 0.43 kg (steel= 0.

33 kg, plastic= 0.2 5 kg, light alloy= 0.17 kg)Length of its with fixed wooden stock is 880 mm.Overall length (Barrel length) is 415 mm.Rate of fire in AK 47 is divided into two, They are:         1- Cyclic rate of fire- 600 rds/min.         2- Combat rate of fire- 40 rds/min.

Effective range of AK47 (Automatic Kalashnikov – 47) is “350 mm” which mean “382 yd”.Feed system and magazines which are available for AK47 are “30-round detachable box magazine also there are 5,10,20,40 and 75,100 round drum magazines available.”Variants of AK 47:There are two type of variants of this rifle.1- Early Variants (7.62*39 mm)2- Modernized (7.62*39 mm)For more details you can click on this highlighted word.

Now, We come to discuss about some hidden and very interesting facts about killing war machine AK 47 (Automatic Kalashnikov – 47). These points are given below. Have a look-Full form of AK-47 is “Automatic Kalashnikov” and 47 is referred to the its design and manufacturing in 1947.Till date more than 106 country and other special forces are use these rifles.It is one of the rifles which can be used in any atmosphere and any harsh condition even in water.Children is also use and operate it very well.Today more than 30 country are manufacturing AK 47 but China produce it at a large scale in world.

Important Thing about AK 47:Sometimes a very interesting question is spark in mind  “Why all the terrorist use AK 47 rifle ?” here is the answer of this question in a few lines, These areIt takes only 2.5 seconds to reload the AK-47.The speed of the shoot-off from the gun pipe is 710 meters per second.

There is no special training to run it. There is no effect of the weather on this, even the water can be fired inside the water.Its easy to clean and maintain.

 This is the reason, which makes it the first choice of militants. I Hope now you can understand why all these people use it.

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