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TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN It is my pleasure to recommend Arjun for your undergraduate admission programme. He has been in this school since its inception and as the Counselor, I have observed him perform well in various fields of his interest on numerous occasions. I have to say that he has never ceased to impress. His resilience and hard work are evident from the plethora of his achievements. I would describe Arjun as a thinker with a unique perspective. This is why I wasn’t surprised to know that he was an extraordinary chess player. For the past four to five years he has secured ranks in district and state competitions and participated in various national level championships. He has also secured 10th position in the Commonwealth Chess Championship 2016 in the under -16 category. To call him an exceptional student who plays chess would not be the complete story. Not only is he intelligent but has a keen interest in music and has performed at many interschool competitions and events at our school. Arjun was, due to his responsible attitude, was given a very important rote in the student council. As the sports advisor he was very dedicated. He went to great extents to organise a competitive and enjoyable sports week for which he was given a special mention. I still remember how he came rushing into the auditorium where the Principal was onstage distributing prizes for some minor school event. He waited for her to come off the stage but after it was clear that she wasn’t coming any time soon he was not hesitant to approach her on stage to seek approval for an event that, due to an emergency, had to be preponed and was to take place in the coming hour. It was at this moment that I realised how dedicated and confident he really was. Not only did Arjun do all of the above but he also manage to perform exceptionally in academics. He has been awarded the scholar and super scholar badges for consistent academic performance from the fifth grade. For his all round performance in both academics and extracurricular activities he was even awarded Times of India Student of the Year award in 2017. In 11th grade he those the science stream and took the challenge of the most difficult courses head on. Overall Arjun Is intelligent, hardworking and enthusiastic student who has a very bright future ahead of him. I couldn’t recommend a better candidate for your esteemed institution. My best wishes to Arjun for all his future goals and dreams. 

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