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construct Rana Plaza, we found that they provided low cost for materials. This
is because, they wanted to cut cost on the project and they hired builder which
does not have experience in construction. As a result, the quality of materials
including cement may not comply with international standards because of poor
quality control and problems associated with transportation and storage. Concrete
mix produces good results in terms of adding strength to the construction
structure. However, during construction of Plaza, the portion of water to
cement ratio to make a concrete mix are not follow the standard concrete
specifications. The reason of that is they used too much sand and making it
more brittle and weak. Negligence to meet the proper requirements in obtaining
the right ingredient in concrete making leads to formation of cracks and poor
building structure with seepage possibilities which could be seen throughout
the structure of the Rana Plaza. Some of these cracks were as much as two
inches deep. Furthermore, the other mistakes which they have no idea will give
a big impact to the building performance is the sub floors were cast too thin
and did not have necessary depth and strength needed to disperse and support
the loads from building.


reinforcing steel used in the concrete also contribute to the formation of
cracks. They faced a difficulty in obtain steel reinforcement due to
unavailability and high cost. Consequently, they made decision by reducing
steel embedded in the concrete in order to decrease the budget. Indirectly,
they were not follow the original design stated in drawing. The overall strength
of the concrete was drastically decrease and made it much more susceptible to
tension loads. Furthermore, they used plain bars as reinforcing rather that
deformed bars. In fact, they know deform bar are good in adheres to concrete
compare to plain bar because it has greater bearing surface. Reinforcement
bar’s surface is often designed to form a better bond with the concrete,
providing more tensile support in the concrete and reinforced masonry
structures. From the situation above, Rana Plaza structure was weaker and does
not have enough strength to hold the concrete in tension.

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Registration of Engineers Act 1997 stresses that engineers must hold paramount
the safety, health and welfare of the public. Engineer obligations to the
society requires them to prepare a safe design at minimal cost. Hence, they
must ensure that the other party who is engaged to do work likely to affect the
structures they have designed are competent and will carry out the work in a
workmanlike manner. For example, engineers need to do an inspection before
worker cast concrete to the beam to make sure they follow design drawing.

According to the
Dietz (2013), initially they wanted to design a structure with a four-storey
building that would house primarily retail and office space. Nonetheless, they
illegally construct four additionally floors to the structure which in fact the
building cannot bear the additional loading because of the building load were
not in the original design. As a result, the building experienced tremendous
stress from the extra load. Sohel Rana had these extra floor built without
getting the approval from local government through bribes and extortion.
Furthermore, the engineer also took bribe from the client to construct the
building illegally to earn more money. Banks and retail space were placed at
first and second floors while garment factories were occupied at the third
through eight floors. These factories were occupying by heavy sewing equipment,
hundreds of employees and, large stockpiles of garments and fabrics. These
things produce much larger loads compare to the design load that contributes to
the formation of cracks.


 After a few months construct the building,
they were have a problem where the building’s electricity went out frequently.
To overcome this problem, they installed four diesel generators on the roof of
the Rana Plaza. The roof of Rana Plaza was not designed to sustain the weight
of these generators, each weighing several metric tons. Thus, the operation of
these generators caused the structure to shaking noticeably, imperil it
further. Results from noticeable shaking, the building was settle deeper and
the foundation fail to sustain the structure and collapse happened afterwards.


the situation above, we noticed that engineer take any profit that is earned
from the construction, but such action is prohibited as stated in Item 5.2 of
BEM Guidelines for Code of Practice. Item 5.2 stated that Registered Engineer
shall not offer, give, solicit, or receive, either directly any contribution to
influence the award of a contract which may reasonably be construed as having
the effect of intent to influencing the award of a contact. He shall not offer
any gift or other valuable consideration in order to secure work. He shall not
pay a commission, percentage or brokerage fee in order to secure work. The
engineer also does not report to the authorities of Sohel Rana’s (client)
wrongdoings as explained above. The silence actions of engineer proved that he break
the Code of Ethic. Their obligation required them to ensure that the law is
followed, and report to the authorities, if necessary, if their clients break
the law, even at the risk of being discharged by their clients”. The engineers
are prohibited from taking bribes because the services provided by engineers
should require honesty, impartiality, fairness and equity and must be dedicated
to the protection of the public health, safety and welfare. So, engineer shall
act to uphold the honor, integrity and dignity of engineering profession.

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