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To achieve goals of urban planning, urban planners must balance these three conflicting interests: to grow the economy, distribute the growth fairly (equity), and in the process not to degrade the ecosystem. Profitable growth is necessary for sustainability. Shared and equitable growth strengthens communities. and Long-term sustainable growth ensures our communities will be here for the next generation. The “planner’s triangle,” represents the three fundamental priorities of planning (green cities, growing cities, just cities), Campbell identifies three types of conflicts in his discussion of urban planning, and these three associated conflicts are, (over resources, property, and development).

“the property conflict,” is an economic efficiency and social equity conflict; the difference between decisions that support economic growth and those that address social justice. It arises when both private property owners and government claims on uses of property.  Settling these conflicts “defines the boundary between private interest and the public good” (Campbell, 1996, p. 298).

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 “the resource conflict,” is an economic efficiency and ecological preservation conflict; the disagreements between the private sector that resists any control on its exploitation of nature, and those that advocate for the ecology utility of the natural environment. It arises from competing on the consumptive use of natural resources and the preservation of nature for present and future demands. The conflict between these two defines the boundary between the developed city and the undeveloped city.

 Finally, “the development conflict,” is the equity- preservation conflict; the tensions that arise because it is difficult to both develop or grow business enterprises and simultaneously protect the environment in a steady-state economy. It arises from competing needs to reduce poverty through economic growth and protect the environment through growth management.

According to Campbell, these conflicts arise on a wide spectrum of spatial analysis, from the global to the local, and points out how environmental racism and economic segregation are closely tied to one another.

green building projects, I think are very commendable recent sustainability programs, promoting the three E’s of sustainability.

For Environment, Green building design reduce the energy consumption of buildings and make sure the energy that does need to be used is as renewable as possible.

green building projects support the economy by reducing operating costs and sometimes creating a surplus in renewable energies that can often be sold back to the grid at optimal times. Intelligent and comprehensive designs can simply reduce the amount of material used on a project.

For Equity: Green building programs are not designed solely for the rich or for the poor.  should be accessible to anyone who wants to participate in creating a more sustainable planet. 

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