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To: Dr. Hassan Mohamed

From: Mr. Abdulaziz Yousuf

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Subject: Progress on building new residential area.

Date: January 7, 2015.


                           I am writing this progress report to inform you about the progress on the building a new residential area in Sharjah to be notified of every step in order to complete the work successfully. In this report I will mention the nature of the progress and describe work I have completed since you give me this task, work currently I am engaged in, and work that I plan to complete by the end of May. After the end of the building we hope that this residential area will be the beginning of evolution in building residence of high quality standards.



Project Description:

a)      Purpose: Build a residential area equipped with the latest malls with a variety of shops and restaurants and clubs where anyone can enjoy doing a lot of Activities that meet the needs of all members of the community.

b)      Scope: My report includes the stages of building the residential area and modern methods that are used to build the houses, malls, restaurants, and clubs. It includes how our team’s work took into consideration the comfort of the individual in every aspect.




Work completed:

                       As of this time, I and my glorious team have done a significant progress in this project. At the beginning, we opted for the residential area a clean place which is nearby from the other residential areas. Also, away from the noise that causes discomfort. Moreover, we keened to have multiple access routes to the area in order to avoid congestion. Also, the location is close to essential public services such as electricity, telephone and sewage lines. Then we finished the design of all the residential area structure, which accommodates eight towers; each one includes more than twenty floors with eight flat for each, also a huge club In addition we built a big GYM with varied various equipment.


                      We have built these under the supervision of the most skilled and most successful engineers using high quality construction materials which bear the severe weather. As well, we took into account the colors used to paint the walls of the towers and its rooms also the entrance of this area, they were not selected randomly but we collaborated with the psychiatrist Dr. Brenda Milner who chose green, yellow and red for the main entrance while for the towers and its flats mixture between light blue and Pale pink and finally for the clubs and GYM painted with uniform color which are black with dark blue. Pink color enhances creativity, feelings of excitement and life. While the blue and the green color leads to calm the nerves, relaxation and comfort the nerves of the eye.


Current work:

                        Currently, we are building comfortable rooms and play yards Inclusive all the children needs where families can enjoy with their children away from streets and parking lots to be safe as possible as we can. There is a squad of technicians who are working on communication lines. Moreover, I personally have contacts with Sharjah municipality to provide us with water, electricity and natural gas to our region. And as we plane, I have started to build two schools and hospital and we are in an advanced stage where we are about to finish the both of them. Aside from building GYM and clubs, we are building an enormous swimming pool including three sections, section for men, women, and kids. If there are no obstacles, I expect that our current work we will be finished on the 10th of next month and we will try our best to finish as soon as possible.




Future work:

I have planned in the coming days to make a contract with Ikea Company to provide us with curtains, rugs and sofa for the apartments that we decided to be hotel apartments. Further, after one week, I will meet my friend who works in the cinema as the president of Novo Cinemas to reach an agreement to ensure that they join us in our residential complex. Moreover, I will go to check out all the buildings with the technicians if there are any problems for solving it. Before doing any of that stuff, we will collaborate with a company that will take care of setting up a garden in the center of the residential area which will be a place for relaxing because of the beautiful blue, pink, yellow and white roses that make who looks at it within a state of comfort and calm. Eventually, at the first of July, me and my work crew will 

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